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Thread: Writer (commentary) for a T20 Cricket Site

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    Writer (commentary) for a T20 Cricket Site


    I just picked up a site ( and I'm looking for two people to fill two commentary spots. (I'd like to get this up to 8 people over the next few months)

    What I need:

    1. A person who knows and follows cricket.
    2. Who can write in proper English (spelling and grammar)
    3. Can produce one piece (min of 500 words) a week (on up coming matches, current standings, players, etc...)
    4. Can stay employed by me for at least 4 months, maybe longer.
    5. Needs to be self sufficient, (I don't have time for hand holding)
    6. Must have a fair amount of knowledge of the sport, the teams, the players and some history of the sport.
    7. Must be dependable. (if for ANY reason you don't think you can keep up, do NOT apply)
    8. Must use their name or a pseudo name. (You will be credited for the commentary)
    9. Ability to start ASAP
    10. All work must be 100% copyscape proof. (yes I check every one)

    So if your up to the task, please submit a sample(s) of your work, your price per word and a little about yourself.

    A little about me, I go by [ame=""]Digital Point Forums[/ame] at DP feel free to look at my profile there.
    I always pay on time, I expect to receive what I pay for, no more no less, I'm easy to work with, but I'm very serious about what I do. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me and I'll do my best to address them.

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    I am a big fan of cricket and I can do this job.

    If this job is still available then please reply.


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    Yes the position is still available, I've sent you a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alastor View Post
    Yes the position is still available, I've sent you a PM.
    Replied your PM, I have one question.


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    Positions are now filled.

    Thread Closed


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