Ok, I have no clue if anyone in this forum writes sports, so figured I would throw this out here first before hitting up some other contacts.
I was re-birthing a site I'd picked up earlier in the year, http://www.collegehoopsvideo.com
figuring I'd take the long view on content and link building (PR-2 on the June update), when after some more research realized there's a decent market for U.S. College Basketball for May-July (NBA Draft on 25 June and 2009 recruiting classes mostly) and then my views have started jumping rapidly on the site...

So, as I'm rolling on content, I had a recurring project get renewed that I wasn't expecting and need to hire out some content creation. Short term contract to start, and if you're decent potential for recurring work throughout the year on this and another project I'm going to start on U.S. college football next month.

If interested, to start I'm looking for 5 articles (350-500 words in length) on Division I U.S. College Basketball team recruiting classes that I have not done. If you do not follow U.S. College Basketball, then the format needs to mimic this: 2009 Indiana Hoosier Basketball Recruiting Class | College Hoops Video Yes, I know the font's jacked at the end of the article...no time today.
If you do follow U.S. College BBall, then follow this: 2009 Duke Blue Devils Basketball Recruiting Class | College Hoops Video

Goal length is 350-500 words (350 if a team has 3 prospects to 500 if they have 6...)

If interested please pm or email me at: javanx3d@gmail.com with your rates. I'll provide you the 5 teams unless you're religious about one I haven't done. All bud Indiana that are done are listed here: 2009 NCAA Basketball Recruiting Classes | College Hoops Video The others will come from the top 20 most valuable team listing from Reuters to start.

If you're a sarcastic type, we can even start with one that I'll pay you for. If you don't have online refs for sports contents, I will only obligate you to pay for the first one to start since I find many non-U.S. writers will take on U.S. sports and then get lost (kind of like if I wrote about professional cricket....) kind of a test drive for both, then go from there.