First of all I would like to say hello to all the NetBuilders. And To show you just how much of a noob I am....Can someone tell me what do the designations mean? You know...the WTS, WTB, WWE..oops..that one wasn't in there.

But here is the purpose of the thread. First of all I'm a writer. I've gravitated from another forum with initials that look something like DP. The reason? Quite simple, I like to write quality, and be compensated for it.

So, if you want 2.00 articles for 1,000 words, you won't find that here. BUT........

If you want articles that will draw a reader in, and keep them there, then maybe we should talk.

I like to refer to it as writing with personality.

There are many ways to impart good quality information, based upon your keywords, and have your reader get to where YOU want them to go, THE RESOURCE BOX! and have them go willingly because they are actually enjoying your content! Damn...what a novel concept that is!

But if you give them dry and boring, your chances of them EVER making it to that point are very slim indeed.

So, what would you rather have?

Now for the good stuff ..Rates....Simple....$1.25 per hundred words. If something goes a little over big deal.

And I like to work in packages, so please, not to be offensive, minimum order is 3 articles. If you want more...that would be ideal! In fact, I like doing a series on a group of keywords.

The only think I will NOT write is adult content. OK? Everything is very much doable.

Payment. Nothing BUT paypal.

On larger orders..over 10...we can work out a teeny discount. (Hint--TEENY)

Let' s take a look at my Fathers Day Specials (hey..gotta have some name for it!)

3 - 300 word articles - $10.00
5 - 300 word articles - $16.00
10 - 300 word article - $31.00

3 - 400 word articles - $13.00
5 - 400 word articles - $23.00
10 - 400 word article - $43.00

Now, if you want longer, let me know.

If You want samples...also let me know, I have tons of them.

All I ask is for an opportunity to write and provide you some value.

Send me a PM or drop me a email at

Thanks To all