[WTL] = Willing To Lease

I'm trying something different now, as far as I know, nobody in proxy business has tried this yet
Maybe it won't be a success, but I can always try it

General Info:
Which Group? - HotProxies!
How many users? - 2389 Currently
Why lease it? - You can sell mails, and make at least 3$ per day! Because the group is still growing, 5$ mails should be normal too (5$ X 30 days = 150$/month)

Maximum Mails / Month? - 40
Maximum Mails per day? - 2
Resell this lease license? - Not Allowed

Maybe I'll add more rules etc...

Bidding Starting Price & BIN:
Starting bid: 75$ (I'm making this monthly so...)
BIN: 2 times the last bid
Auction ends: 48 hours after last bid (Can change though)

Payment with:
PayPal only!

Support & Questions:
Send a PM or make a reply!