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Thread: Xrumer + SeNuke + ScrapeBox, And What Else?? (With Money Back Guarantee)

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    Talking Xrumer + SeNuke + ScrapeBox, And What Else?? (With Money Back Guarantee)

    Okay Guys, No Need for long sales letter. if you look at the thread tile then you know what you are going to get.

    What we do for you using SENuke???

    1. Find & Spin Articles
    2. Submit Articles
    3. Create Profile Backlinks
    4. Social Bookmark Your Website & Articles
    5. Social Bookmarks Profiles
    6. Create & Submit RSS feeds
    7. Ping All Articles & Profiles

    And What you will get from Xrumer???

    Yes, as you think, we will provide Forums Posts/Profiles. And those posts/profiles are verified and guaranteed posts. And also we will provide Profiles and posts blats too. Success rate of 10% -30%.

    Finally Scrape Box

    Don't get lost by looking at 10K blasts, 20K blats or 30K blats. You will just end up with around 100 - 1k alive links. So here is our specialty, we provide guaranteed blog commenting links. Yes, those are approved comments, and not attempts.
    And these comments are,
    Spread across 100 - 1000 of unique IPs
    Mix of Do Follow/ No Follow
    60% of The Links are Do Follow
    Anchored with your keywords

    Okay, now let’s see how the packages are!!!!!

    Bronze Package

    One Week of SENuke Service (300+ Do/No Follow Links)
    500 Scrape Box Blog Commenting
    200K Frum Posts/Profile Blast
    This package is suitable for testing our services and too gains an Idea about what you will get for the one month of full service.

    Silver Package

    Two weeks of SeNuke Service (700+ Do/No Follow Links)
    1000 Scrape Box Blog Commenting
    5000 Verified Forum Posts
    5000 Verified Forum Profiles
    200K Forum Profiles/Posts Blasts

    Special: For Silver Package We Guarantee Rank improvements for your keywords after one week from the day of completion the service (Normally in the second week of the campaign you should see SERP improvement). If not we will redo the service or give your money back.

    Gold Package

    One Month of SENuke Service (2000+ Do/No Follow Links)
    2000 Scrape Box Blog Commenting
    10000 Verified Forum Posts
    10000 Verified Forum Profiles
    1000K Forum Profiles/Posts Blasts (250K in Each Week)

    Price: $1000

    Special: For the Gold Package we guarantee SERPs improvement if not we will run the same service for another month or give your money back.

    Need Customization?, then we can provide it to.

    Payment Paypal:

    We will provide 1 free review copy for Moderator/Respectable member of the forum and for 10 members will get 50% off
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