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Thread: Yahoo Answers Posting Service

  1. Get Targeted Traffic With Our Yahoo Answers Posting Service


    I have been using Yahoo Answers to promote my sites so I know that it can bring direct traffic to your website if it is done correctly.

    I have about 3 level 2 and 1 level 3 yahoo answers accounts.

    You will need to supply me with the website URL and explain to me about your product & services, and also who are the people that you're targeting. I'll email you with an excel sheet containing the URLs to the answers that I have done for you.

    I have several packages available:

    30 Answers - $15
    50 Answers - $23
    100 Answers - $45

    Sample is available upon request.

    PM me to place an order today.
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  2. Hello there, I have sent you a PM.

    Please note that price is negotiable because customer satisfaction is my main priority.

    Update: I am sorry mrkashmir, I won't be able to do 30 answers daily for a month for $100.
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