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Thread: You can earn $20 daily with my method

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    You can earn $20 daily with my method

    Platypus Whitehat Method
    MY MSN:
    Paypal Email:

    Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I've been wondering how to pay the monthly hosting bills for my websites, luckily I've created an auto-pilot method that can easily do that.

    Free Review Copy for people with (500+) posts.

    Are you interested?

    I am coaching students for $10 USD only, pretty cheap for earning $20 daily.

    So your basically wondering, what is the procedure:
    1. You send the $10 payment to my Paypal
    2. PM me with your MSN / Yahoo
    3. I explain tihs method step by step
    4. All your questions will be answered
    5. Start making $20-$30 per day!

    Q: Is this a black hat method?
    A: No! Its a white hat, You cannot get in trouble!

    Q: Do I need to invest in anything more?
    A: No, the $10 fee at the start is all you need to pay.

    Q: How will I pay you?
    A: I only accept paypal.

    Q: How will I get paid?
    A: There are various ways, paypal is one of them.

    Q: How much time i spend daily?
    A: This depends, you can set everything up in one day and dont need to do anything every again!

    Q: Are you sure this method will work?
    A: If you are willing to listen to my instructions, then for sure!

    Q:What I need?
    A: Simple, youll need the following:
    • Paypal (To pay me)
    • MSN / YAHOO (So I can coach you)
    • Less then a hour of your time

    Q: Does this method contain nudity?
    A: No! This method is work safe

    Price : $10 USD

    So what are you waiting for? Making something out of that extra change in your pocket!

    This only applies to Godaddy customers!

    If your looking for a free host for a lifetime without that annoying banner, and you have a Godaddy domain be sure to contact me.

    The price of this other method is $10 USD.
    If your interested PM me with your MSN!

    MY MSN:
    Paypal Email:

    Have any questions? Post them here!
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    $5 Fee method $10 Fee Method

    ★ All students get instant support | Each Method earns $20-$100 Daily

  2. what is it about
    or programer?
    or script?
    or google ads?
    i am very interested in it

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    It doesnt require a website, Its not SEO, Its not a script, and its not CPC.


  4. add your msn now

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    Alright, If anyone has any questions feel free to PM / Post.

  6. Can i have a review copy please?

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    Yup any review copies would be greatly appreciated

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    You should only give away 3 copies, no more than that And if I could have a review copy that would be great, I'm pretty trusted on this forum so if it's worth it, you will see it in my review

    Let me hear something via PM please.

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I've given a Review copy to Aquarezz.

    Awaiting a review & iTrader .

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    Here is my honest review:
    I don't know if Platypus wrote an ebook about this way, but he told me via MSN. So if you didn't, it would be better to write an ebook in .pdf format and selling it like that instead of MSN. But you only had 5 minutes so I understand why you did it via MSN

    This way involves downloading & uploading. He first tells a way how you can earn some money, but than he tells how to multiply that money by 4, which makes it better. The problem I see is, I've been in warez scene for quite a long time (stupid me) and since this involves also 'paid links' (F.E. linkbucks) I'm not sure if they're still allowed on some forums (they aren't on warez-bb etc.) but it's easy to make a blog yourself with all that stuff on it.

    I wouldn't call this 100% whitehat, but it isn't blackhat either (it's greyhat in my opinion). You can make tons of money with this, if you have spare time, not if you run a lot of businesses

    I won't probably try it, as I'm doing great business at the moment, but once I'm in need of some extra money I'm really gonna try this way, it's an easy-moneymaker.

    If the topicstarter could make an ebook in PDF, and add some payment proofs to the ebook I would recommend this, but for now this is the current score:

    So it's a nice try, but you won't be millionaire because of it Thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to review btw
    |Nico Lawsons

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