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Thread: Are You Looking For e-Mazing Content?

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    Are You Looking For e-Mazing Content?


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    We believe it takes time, dedication and effort to provide a quality article. I don't mean something written with perfect grammar or no errors, but something which is interesting, captivating and relevant to your reader.

    Let's face it, it's stupid to buy articles with just keywords, sure they are good for your traffic but what are the chances that your long, boring article will convince people that you know anything about the subject?

    As a content writer, affiliate marketer and blog owner I know that content is important to your readers. How will you make those sales if all your articles is spread keywords? People will laugh at your website because quite frankly who would want to read a website with bad content?

    This is precisely why I've created my own writing team. Over the last 2 weeks I've been screening over 40 candidates and found some great writers. I've all ready given them my personal work and have weeded out those writers who claim speedy turnarounds, low rates and exceptional content.

    My team isn't based off some cheap writers who learned their English out of a book, my writers are educated, professional and hard working individuals who find writing as a passion instead of a job.

    If you want quality articles at prompt turnarounds. If you want someone who can communicate quickly through email/msn. If you want a team of writers you can rely on then book your next order with 'koncorps'

    I can't stress enough what a great decision booking with us is, it's one of the best you can make, and with such good rates you'd be absolutely insane not to.

    Here are a few excerpts from texts that we have written;

    Any successful online marketer will tell you that your success in the business simply comes down to your ability to do search engine optimisation (SEO). Depending on how well you’re able to get your page to the coveted #1 spot is a DIRECT translation into the money you will make.
    Let us work for you and use our strengthened, reliable and proven method that will lead you to dominate Google time after time with these concrete results.

    2. In the world of Forex nothing is so out of place. It seems that even robots have found their way into the technology. With new programs being developed each day should you be considering finding a robot counterpart? A program capable of sifting through hundreds of data each day? If it came down to it who would you take advice from, a robot or a human?

    3. As somewhat of an internet marketer myself I’m always looking for the best way to make money. I’ve tried my hand in a lot of the different trades but the only problem is motivating yourself. More often than not internet marketing forces you to learn new skills, talk to different people and keep working even when there’s no end in sight.

    We can write you anything that you may need, sales pages, articles, landing pages, ask us and we'll do it.
    Rates are 0.02/word

    Please don't order via PM, email only!

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    I'll promote your product through video;
    How's that sound? Let me know what you think- - VIDEO SAMPLE

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    10 review copies @ 50% off
    I'll promote your product through video;
    How's that sound? Let me know what you think- - VIDEO SAMPLE

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    5 review copies for free
    I'll promote your product through video;
    How's that sound? Let me know what you think- - VIDEO SAMPLE

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    Hmm...No one has taking you up on this yet? if you have a review copy left I'll take one

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    There are article writers plenty more legitimate than you are who are charging 50 to 60 cents per 100 words, yet you charge the equivalent of $2.00 per word? How does that work? Send me a few articles, let's see how amazing this really is. Pardon my skepticism, by the way.


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    Hey Alastor, I replied to your email.

    Razorlog I wouldn't call them more legitimate then myself, in fact I'd call them shadier. I simply prefer to work for larger SEO companies which seek quality content, quick turnarounds and have budgets to devote to this.

    Obviously to the average internet marketer making 100$/month my prices will seem unreasonable and high.

    However if you're making 7-8k per month my prices for the quality I provide are a steal at that.

    Tell me what topic you'd like written on and I'll get started right away. :{D
    I'll promote your product through video;
    How's that sound? Let me know what you think- - VIDEO SAMPLE

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