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Here is how it works:

You give us your competitors URL, and we give you a details report, including:

* Their top backlinks (most backlinks per domain)

* Their backlinks ANCHOR TERMS - and % used!!! (GREAT for seeing what terms they are targeting, and how hard you may need to work to beat them!)

* The % of their links from tld's (like, x% from .com, x% from .co.uk etc!)

* Details of their backlinks, sorted by domain linking back

* Details of their backlinks, sorted by landing url (the URL of their site being linked to)

All this, in an excel file, for $20...

$10 for the first 3 people willing to give a thread review...
- Also pay AFTER the work if you have a good, positive rep here! (payment is required within 12hrs of report being sent. - Paypal Only!

PM me, or post here.