We are now accepting again new customer for our full time outsourcing services. Right now we have 17 available staff in our office that you can hire as your virtual assistant in promoting your online business.

Such as bookmarking, rss feed submission, article submission, blog commenting, forum posting, authority site back link, press release submission, video submission, ads submission, link wheel, and other known link building techniques, also they can do keyword research, data gathering, run marketing software you've bought that you don't have time to use them.

We guarantee that all our staff are well trained and knowledgeable in any kind of marketing jobs

If you hire one of our staff, she/he will work to you 8 hours a day 6 days a week. You will get daily report of what the staff accomplish in excel format.

The staff will only assist you in all marketing leg works, does not include article writing, coding , and designing.

If you have some software that bought and no time to use it, you can also ask your virtual assistant to use it for you.

Here is our rate

1 full day 8 hours - $30 that is $3.75 per hour
3 days 8 hours a day - $85 that is $3.54 per hour
6 days 8 hours a day - $165 that is $3.43 per hour
12 days 8 hours a day - $325 that is $3.38 per hour
1 month 8 hour a day 6 days a week - $600 that is $2.89 per hour only

If you have any question about this service please ask here or PM me...

Testimonial of fellow WF'ers

Hey WF, just a quick note that I have been working with gubwell12 and his team for a few months now, that are top shelf and the ROI is unbeatable.

They got me 1st page rankings (four different keywords) for my new project within 2 weeks and they've built some nice supplemental sites for us.

Their support is top notch and they are on top of everything 24/7-which reduces my stress greatly.

Thanks to gubwell12 and the team, I remain a loyal and happy customer!

Melford Bibens
In the last 12 months, or slightly over, I have sentgubwell12, and his team approx the same as one aussie yearly wage in income. The amount of work they have done for me is very wide and varied.

As long as I provide a very detailed report about exactly what I need doing. it gets done to the letter, exactly as requested.. I used to double check this at the beginning, but realised I was wasting my time.

His staff are very polite. and respond in a timely manner when ever I need to communicate with them

The best thing about this service is, If Im in a hole and need help fast. gubwell12 has always come through for me, every time

The main thing when dealing with staff in another country is whether you can trust them. I can promise you, you can trust gubwell12 and his team absolutely 100% as I do.

If youve read my blog about outsourcing staff, you'll note how i test my new staff. gubwell12 and his team passed with Flying colours each time.

If you trust me as a genuine man and online Marketer, you can then also trust gubwell12 and his team as I give him my full backing.