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Thread: youtube views cheap

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    youtube views cheap

    50 cents per 1000 views min is 5k views
    depending on the orders most can be done in a few hours
    huge orders will be carried out over 2-3 weeks so you dont get banned but this will also get you more comments and honours as you go as well

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    Do you have any past reviews from Dp or anywhere? How long will 10K views take?

    EDIT: Interested in Mr Bills question as well

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    Are you able to do any commenting or only views?

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    10k will be done within 24 hours of payment
    i will do 500 review hits for you asap
    just need the url
    and its only views no comments

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    Hi, It is really amazing that you can produce 10 views in just 24 hours. May I ask if you still have a cheap you tube views other than this? because I am interested.

    Thanks though!

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