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A-Z Massive Manual Video Submission Service!
NOT a simple uploading service! We Take Care of EVERYTHING!

Accounts Creation + Video Submission + Promotion (Social Bookmarking + Ping Service) + Reports

1- FREE BONUS: Accounts Creation for You on the TOP 20/50 Video Sites Like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Multiply, Flickr and many more... (No crappy Video Sites with bad reputation)

2- SEO of your Video before Submission to guarantee the best results.

3- Submission of Your Video to the same TOP 20/50 Video Sites

Note: all Video Submissions are done 100% Manually

4- Promotion of all the Video Pages generated by the Submissions of Your Video:
- first we do Social Bookmarking to get hordes of Backlinks
- then we Mass Ping all the Video Pages and all the Bookmarks for a Fast Ranking on Google and other Search Engine.

Note: Service is included in the “Pro Packs”

5- Detailed Reports in excel sheet format with login/submissions/promo details.

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P.S.: Discounts for bulk projects