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Thread: DP is down for many hours....

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    Wow it really turned out to be a ddos attack. Grim..
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    At the meantime, it's back online again, not sure whether there will be any more attacks coming...

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    same problem here, when i visit dp yesterday
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    same problem here, when i visit dp yesterday
    It's running fine now

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    Seems to be fine now

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    Issue is fixed for now. Hopefully it will stay up for awhile.
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    Well, I hope someone has the resources to make sure it doesn't stay up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deluxdon View Post
    Not DB error but sometimes i am getting blank page and sometimes page loading very very slow.
    Any idea who did it this time?
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    i guess there are a lot of DP haters out there lol.

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    I was reading up on DDOS attacks and motivations that come behind them. The crafty people who launch these usually do so for political reasons, or something like that. Bascially they think there doing something righteous. And that the website being attacked is evil in someway. You'll find most hackers type border around as being political activists.
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