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Thread: Pagerank Update!

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    Which Tool do you generally Use

  2. I see update on google toolbar.. and too..

    bad updat for me.. G suchs

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    No updates for me.
    My sites have the same PR...

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    My two sites and one new subdomain goes up.. One down and others are same..

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    No updates for me neither.. Glad that it changed, now DP will be on fire again and will leave NB a little bit of rest
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by nux View Post
    I've been watching my sites and I've been getting a steady increase in PR in nearly all of my sites.

    But speaking of PR, can anyone suggest a good PR firefox addon? I used to use LivePageRank on Linux, but for some reason it seems unreliable now that I'm running a Mac.
    Try Searchstatus or For complete SEO analysis, Seoquake is the best i feel.
    I personally use both of these.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I am looking for a simple pagerank utility. I have all my other tools in place already. It's just that my little pagerank tool is not working right.
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    for some reason the page rank on my forum is always a month behind
    I don't even follow it anymore
    I offer vBulletin Services (5+ years experience & over 600+ documented clients)
    I help run a successful Admin Forum and play around on a vBulletin Connect setup.

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    My webmaster got PR3 from PR2

    My banners site also got PR3 from PR2

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