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Thread: I hacked Digital Point forum last night and got banned

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    Someone should email or PM someone and tell them to fix it. What the OP did was really harmless but if someone has access to an account(s) with a lot of posts they could do serious damage. There's nothing to stop the whole page from being rewritten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    probably used to hack accounts on dp, and fool people
    Try to login with fake credentials and see what happens...

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    i did, it redirects to a thread on dp. the sites creator must be using those credentials to login

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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknb View Post
    DP is still down right now

    DP is still down right now

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    Has it been down for like that past 12+ hours?

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    Yeah, still down.
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    If it continues down in 24 hours...
    Nah, just a wishful thinking...

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    Each time the SQL Server shutdown, users lose accounts.
    In October 2008, my account were killed by a SQL Issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yangyang View Post
    Well not that much of a hack just a tiny js injection trick which they still haven't fixed yet after they have banned me.

    Check it out, see how the upper left DP logo has been changed to my mischief image with a link back to my own site.

    In case you wanna try it out, just write a blog entry of the feed you have set in the vBulletin Options panel with <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> in the title.

    Then write in test.js the code that's going to change the DOM of whatever thread page you have posts in.

    I'm sure it's going to be fixed very soon as they might have informed vBulletin team of the bug.

    This is not related to vb's own security isn't it? They use third party plugin for that recent blog function. So, basically they should update the plugin.
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