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Thread: Bookkeeping

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    As long as it is done I don't care what happens with it. I dunno why we even bother because most of it I get back anyway.

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    Nathan's doing exactly what i was doing.

    My mum was doing the accounts till 3 months back, when we decided to hire an accountant on an hourly basis.

    Now, it looks like I may have to hire a full time accountant for accounts/invoicing etcetra.

    Usually, you start outsourcing book-keeping/accounts when they start becoming too much of a pain in the a$$

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    But it could backfire, and wreck his relationship with his mother...
    Well that's always a possibility when mixing business with friends/relatives.
    I pay about $100 per month to the accountant, but i think the costs are higher in US

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    bookkeeper: necessary evil/savior

    I hired a b.k. about 4 years ago, and it was the best $30/hour ever spent. I agree completely with Will, they never ever ever ever suggest strategic solutions. I also have a CPA at $180/hour for taxes and end of year over site. I tried to get someone cheaper, but "you get what you pay for" was the end result. However prior to getting someone in twice a week, I did it for myself for quite a while. I hated every minute, but am grateful that I know how the software can/cannot be manipulated, expenses booked, invoicing works, run reports...etc. That skill is priceless, and I'm glad I learned.

    Also should note that Quickbooks is very user-friendly and mostly (over 90%) intuitive, plus it's cheap. However, if you outsource bookkeeping, then look for software with an audit trail...I'm pretty sure MS Dynamics (Great Plains) does not allow perm. deletes. This way, hired hands can't cover up mistakes
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