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Thread: Good Offer for Article Buyers

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    Talking Good Offer for Article Buyers


    After offering my services for a low price of just a dollar per 100 words i am thinking of giving my fellow NB members some very high quality articles at a very low price.

    This is just for all those buyers who need good content but at low prices.

    Here are some packages that i am offering for the next three days.

    10 articles - 100 words- $8

    10 articles - 200 words - $17

    10 articles - 300 words - $27

    10 articles - 400 words - $37

    10 articles - 500 words - $47

    These prices are way to low for the kind of content i provide.

    So make the best use of this offer and Mail me now!!

    Fill give away only few slots... is my email id. Just Mail me for booking a slot.

    Will deliver a batch of 10 articles in 24 hours.


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    I'll take a review copy. PM or post what information you need sent.

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    I'll take another. PM me what you need.

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    Let me get one 100 word article as a review. I'll pay you the $1 Thanks.

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    Will mail the review copies shortly!!

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    I received my article. Good offer. Perfect for article marketing or keeping a blog up to date.

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    Received my article as well. Fast turn around, good copy, and on target.

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    No More Review Copies!!

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    Hi there. I still haven't received my review copy.
    Edit: Article Received. I requested that the article be about banana bread, with a recipe on how to make it.

    This is the first paragraph from the article:

    Want to enjoy banana bread? But wondering where to begin from? If yes then if you’ll keep a sense of this write up then you’ll surely be able to make your banana bread that too in just one hour. For adding a fun element to this cooking process why don’t you invite your kids to help you out? They’ll learn something delicious to cook and you’ll be able to cook easily.
    Personally, it was quite obvious that the writer doesn't really understand English too well. This required me to have to rewrite the entire article to make it readable to someone whose first language is English. The second problem was that the recipe was missing critical data - Varnika never mentioned how much salt to put it, she only said 'spoon of salt' and rather than specifying how much vanilla, or what kind, the instructions only read 'vanilla.' So honestly, I was quite displeased with this article's quality and accuracy.

    However, I mean - look at the price. You get what you pay for.
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