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Thread: [Proxy]Trying to multiply my investment 10 times in one month!

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    Yep sounds like an interesting thread. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    @nux, yea seems adversal is working fine to me on your proxy. 1.1 was supposed to fix those issues that 1.0 had, and seems it did

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    No indeed, how can I add ads to the footer of the proxified page? And what is the best to use there?

    And yeah ofcourse I'll try to get 5$ a day instead of concentrating on 1$ per proxy

    Greetz and thanks for your kind comment!
    I use adbrite in footer. Though i dont think that it will make much of a difference if u use GI or adbrite in footer. You can use either one of them in footer and in header(below the url bar). I used to use adbrite in the footer bcz for me adbrite was slower to load than I or others.

    Will send a u a PM in a few, telling u how to add the ads inthr footer of a PHProxy.

    BTW, from what I understand, u are ging to use ur own proxy email list and a few proxy listing sites to promote ur site, or u are going to use some other methods too? I agree that i seema bit eager to kow that lol.

    NP, take ur ime and let us know step by step how u do it.

    P.S. - PM is on ur way.

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    When accessing bulletproxy, I see adversal loads, but the inpage popup doesn't appear.. or am I wrong?

    Thanks for the PM explaining how to add ads to the footer jayant_me

    And well yes, I'm going to use the following methods:
    - My own yahoo group (not always as I also prefer getting money from it, it's 3,00$ per day I get from that group)
    - Adding my proxy to proxy listing sites

    And ofcourse many other things which I will tell once the month March starts (that when I'll start it )

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Good luck
    I'm currently trying to start a flipping-system. Create 10 fresh and trusted proxy and flip them 10 days after.

    Day 1:
    10 x 3$ (max cost per proxy) => 30$
    Hosting Plan => 10$
    Total : 40$

    Round 1:
    FLIP => $70
    Total: $30

    Day 11
    10 x 3$ (max cost per proxy) => 30$
    Total: $0

    Round 2:
    FLIP => $70
    Total: $70

    Day 21
    10 x 3$ (max cost per proxy) => 30$
    Total: $40

    Round 3:
    FLIP => $70
    Total: $110

    Day 31
    Total AdSense : ~$10-$50
    Total Flip: $110

    Total: +120$
    I don't want to hijack your post but if you can target newbies in proxy business, you should make money

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    @Aquarez, I'm curious as to why you feel you need to 'restart' in the proxy business? Didn't you have a pile of proxies before? Were they making money? What happened?

    @Come, sounds interesting. I'm curious as to how you build 'trust' in a proxy before selling it.

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    A proxy is trustable when traffic and earnings are the same the 10 days (increasing is the best).
    You are in proxy biz and you know that a lot of people think that I'm selling sh*t, dead proxy etc... It's my big problem actually and make trustable proxy is the only solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by nux View Post
    @Aquarez, I'm curious as to why you feel you need to 'restart' in the proxy business? Didn't you have a pile of proxies before? Were they making money? What happened?
    I sold all of them on, it was an amazing deal in fact Made me earn a big amount (but ofcourse I've kept the best )

    And I'm trying something new now

    @Come, it is possible, but I don't believe many people would buy a proxy with only the age of 10 days... I wouldn't.. but yeah you can always try it

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Thumbs up

    News: Instead of a 15$ investment and 150$ earnings, I did it 10 times lower (which makes it even more difficult )

    I could arrange a deal with TMZHosting for proxy hosting at $0,30 but as I'm a staff this was no problem

    Proxy started 1 March and so far I have these stats:

    Hosting: $0,30
    Domain: $1,20

    Adsense: $3,44 (Pretty amazing for only 2 days and 8 hours )
    Adversal: $1,22 (Never thought Adversal gave that much money, before it was much less!)
    Yahoo Group members: 0$ though, this is a RoI as these members will let me bring in more money through my group!
    ProxB.Com: On the proxy, there is a banner to ProxB, every traffic I get from it means money too

    These 2 last things aren't really earnings in normal eyes, but in fact they are one of the biggest earnings I have! That's why nobody may forget such a little addons, the banner for example doesn't annoy and is nicely placed

    Profit: (In almost 3 days)
    Earnings: $4,66 - Costs: $1,50 = Profit: $3,16 (In only 2 days and 8 hours!)

    Currently I promoted using the following methods:
    - Proxy Listing Sites
    - My own yahoo group

    I'll promote soon with yahoo answers and normally I would do a few paid mailings, but as my budget is gone I can't

    Ofcourse I'll try to make a few deals with proxy listing owners to exchange some ads with my proxy and his proxy list

    |Nico Lawsons

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  10. No offenses meant mate, but u can make more than $50 from ONE proxy a month if u include selling the proxy too. I was interested to see what u do with multiple proxies. Its way different when u work with one proxy or multiple one's.

    I too have just ONE proxy as of now and i am doing okiesh with it without having a group of mine. Will be eagerly waiting to see how you with more than one proxy at a time. Good luck with this one too

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