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Thread: Why so few backlinks found?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodolls View Post
    Does this mean that webmasters should not trust the results returned by these sites when in fact these are the sites that most webmasters focus when doing SEO for their site?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand SEs only show dofollow links on their results. That's why only few links are returned when we use them to check a site's backlink.

    PS: No intention of hijacking the thread. Just want to learn more.

    Wrong: Yahoo showing dofollow and nofollow both links in site explorer... {not sure about google}
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    Like others have said, it can takes months before backlinks show up.

    Google only shows a random sampling of relatively good quality backlinks.

    Yahoo provides the best backlink list. It does include nofollow links. Most backlink checking tools use Yahoo data.

    Most directory links never show up as backlinks.
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    Your best bet is to check the Google Webmaster Tools if you want to see all backlinks that Google knows about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    It is interesting that this link building service claims to have 250,000+ backlinks to their own site, yet their home page has a PR of 0.

    yea i noticed same thing. I thought the website was credible and was going to be part of their linking campaign then i ran my own pagerank report and got the shocking truth.

    Whats even more SHOCKING is the WHOIS of the domain...check that out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtford View Post
    Last week I subscribed to the Silver Package I got my first link building report today, with a list of 120 new links. However, when I run the backlink checker, I find only 7 links, with 1 link listed as "working". Why are all the other backlinks not found? Does it take some time for them to show up?
    Why cannot you login to your Google webmaster tools and check the backlink count ?

    You can see a major portion of indexed backlinks in your webmatertools account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    The links need to be crawled before they will be found in yahoo and google which most of the backlink checkers use to count your links. Webmaster tools would probably give you a more accurate count. In any case, you will need to give the search engines some time to find the links and crawl them.
    yeah; surely you need to allow some time to gate links by link checkers until they are being crawled by search engines.

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    I think its a depends on moderator.

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    Try this back-link
    hope this might help you.

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    well allow me to add some experience of mine. I usually use two web sites that are offering the services to show the total number of back links that a web site has but interestingly not for a single day i have found the same results that they show me. I am surprised that at the same time i am given the two different results of the back links that my web site has and i always confused to whom i should consider the true one. I have come to the result that there may be a few sites are present in the net who shows the exact results of the back links and most of the sites do not.

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    you are use the reciprocal link monitor and you get the original result of your back links it is very good site you try this.

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