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Thread: Article Writing + Submission Service

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    Have received another batch of articles... this is really great... yes he provides excellent service. Guess he needs to start looking for assistants otherwise he'll be swarmed with orders in no time.

    Satisfied customer - Budhi

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    We are happy with the articles, submission and timing.

    Thank you.

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    Great service Sturat. Thank you. You helped me a lot.
    Your articles are great.

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    OK... I feel really stupid.... blind... or both.

    How do I leave an I-trader????

    --- Nevermind. I found it by going to my I-trader that was left and clicked on a link there. But I thought the link was on the original post somewhere....

  5. It is. It's right below the Location field and right above the the Post Count field.
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  6. thanks, another 15 articles done well!

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    Just received my order of 10 articles, thanks!

    Excellent and quick service

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    Check your DM and let me know if you can take care of that. Thanks

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    Not allowed to send you PM. Getting this message

    "GlobalFusion has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her. If you are trying to send this message to multiple recipients, remove GlobalFusion from the recipient list and send the message again"

    sent you email Please check and reply.

    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalFusion View Post
    Check your DM and let me know if you can take care of that. Thanks

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    I brought some articles from Sturat and they are great quality would defiantly recommend him and was a quick turn around time. I will look forward to buying from you again in the near future.

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