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Thread: Best Keyword Tool?

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    yeah.. google. keyword the best...

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    Google keyword suggestion tool is the best. None other keyword research tool can be as good as Google keyword suggestion tool.

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    Google AdWords and Wordtracker plus a few other tools can help you find the right keywords for your website but the real matter is trying to prepare the ultimate list of keywords to use. Some people rush to using the top competitive terms that can take a long time to get optimized.

    Although the number of searches done per month offered by keyword-suggestion tools might not be one hundred percent accurate, but they will give you the hints and clues about the niches, how competitive markets are and which fields are more lucrative to enter.

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    I tried (and still use) some trial versions of keyword tools, but I finally decided to not invest in one of them since Google Keyword Tool associated with some of those trials are enough to reach my goals. For example, I am currently using SEO PowerSuite tools for checking my ranking and finding keywords.

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    Best keyword suggestion tool is google adwords. It helps to identifying global search and local keywords.

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    Well, that escalated quickly. ;-P
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    The Google's keyword planner helps me a lot in selecting the best keyword phrase with estimated visitors for my targeted website and with impressions too. I like the updated visitors graph from the keyword.

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