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Thread: Best Domain Registrar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    I hold over 700 domains atm (over 500 are with Godaddy), and I have (well I had) domains in more than 15 different registrars, and never had any problems anywhere, though, I prefer these 4:

    (No particular order)


    I always try to transfer the names between registrars so I can get the cheapest price, currently I have 90% of the .nets at Fabulous and 90% of the .coms at Godaddy (some system glitch allowed me to transfer 100 names for $25 a few weeks ago)

    As long as you have a decent security system yourself (different strong passwords, etc) you should be safe.
    That is cool. Yeah I think the more the domain the more the opportunity you have to cut good figure; but the cost should be compare with the profit as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 88dbsakthi View Post
    I am using for two or more years. Quite satisfied. I also tried out in the past but nothing made me to recommend their service here.
    I have one bad experience with enom so not using it since long time.


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    I don't like Godaddy. I lost three domains with them. It seems that they only give you 15 days grace period. They had the domains for sale for $5 but offered to sell them back to me for $50 each.

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    Moniker is a catastrophe, other than Bari they have no competent support person, they are all the time down, since Monte left they are heading south... I can also vouch for Fabulous and Dynadot, but price wise Godaddy is on the top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrapak View Post
    but price wise Godaddy is on the top.
    onlinenic has been working well for me. The current price is around $8.39 with gold account.

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    For .com? That's very expensive. Godaddy is $7.49 + ICANN and this is for renewals. For fresh regs there are many $5.99 deals or even $1 - 2$ (especially for transfers).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyhound View Post
    Godaddy is almost the cheapest. But I like namecheap better.
    Any specific reason behind that ??


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    Why namecheap is better than godaddy.
    No freaking windows one after another trying to sell you hosting, email services, etc.
    Even to go into godaddy is to invite one offer after another!

    Free whois for first year at namecheap.

    Need support?
    Namecheap is faster in response, either on their site, on twitter (the best way) and facebook.

    Given more time and better promotion by namecheap, their domain marketplace could beat godaddy easily.

    Domain management easier at namecheap.

    Plus I been with namecheap from day one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    Namecheap is faster in response
    Not if you're a big player at GD and own 300+ domains there, in that case they typically assign you a dedicated manager.

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