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Thread: Autoblogging

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    It's like an Internet Marketing Magic button. You have to do some form of unique twist to differentiate your site from others and get it ranked and making money.
    I still stand by my original quote. I say LOUDLY that you MUST add your UNIQUE twist to a site.

    Here is how I did it with one of my sites where I use a feed:

    Reading Free Ads

    Here you can see how I use the Yahoo News data feed.

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    Right now I am running a program to auto blogging, but the thing is ~ it is not efficient due to most of blogs need admin approve my comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garfish View Post
    dyou mean, you don't get sandboxed or something by doing this?
    is adsense allowed to autoblogs?
    Recently i read an article on NB, about google adsense, not allowing auto-generated or un-original content blogs to take part in adsense program.

    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    First, auto blogs are not penalized by google because of content!
    This I know because my auto blogs are well indexed by google.
    In many cases, pages of the auto blogs are ranked in the top 10 in seaches at google.

    They make me money. Enough said.

    Now the one huge big drawback?
    You can get a c&d real quick from a lot of other sites and blogs you grab content from.
    So choose carefully where you get your content from.

    There are many webmasters out there who have 100's of autoblogs!
    They would not build out so many if the traffic and the money were not there.
    Again, enough said.

    Lastly, I have found on many forums, that people who are so anti-autoblogs?
    Do not know what they are talking about!
    Until you have autoblogs, you can not tell others about them, how they work, and especially tell others bad things about autoblogs (like google penalizing, duplicate content (of which very damn few people know what google considers duplicate content and how google deals with duplicate content), and so forth.

    Just all the above IMHO.
    Agreed with you mate,
    Lot of people are running autoblogs, and there isnt any problem with copied contents if you are keeping the source link and authority of the article.
    If copying content is not liked or not supported over internet, then there shouldn't be any ARTICLE DIRECTORIES like EZINE, from where people copy articles for their sites.

    Getting revenue is all about getting traffic, believe me, almost 80% of internet users cant differentiate between normal blog and autoblog, dont think like a techie, because they all are not techie or web masters!

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    Getting revenue is all about getting traffic, believe me, almost 80% of internet users cant differentiate between normal blog and autoblog, dont think like a techie, because they all are not techie or web masters! [/QUOTE]

    even a webmaster can't really tell the different ...

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    @sonny cool:
    agreed, there are times when even a webmaster cant differentiate, this is the case when the owner of autoblog know what he is doing... else there are lot of n00b webmasters like me, who dont know how to design a proper autoblog so that people wont be able to know its autoblog...

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    Autoblogs are no more allowed in adsense system. I think Google may slash autoblogs very soon. anyway it is better go with original content.

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    Google does filter out most autoblog pages due to duplicate content. This is a filter, which means that a page can exist and rank well for a random period of time until the filter identifies it and moves it to the supplemental index, as bogart mentioned. I've seen numerous autoblogs eventually get de-indexed by Google. The trick to beating this thus far seems to be to add lots of additional content every day. Like everything else with Google, there is a randomness factor. Some sites get targeted and hit hard by Google, while others do not.

    If you are using AdSense on autoblogs, you risk having your AdSense account closed. As far as I can tell, Google has not yet actively pursued this, but they usually announce a policy change a few months prior to enacting it. Note that the date of this article is January 11, 2011.

    AdSense Facts & Fiction Part V: Unoriginal content - Inside AdSense

    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

  8. @iowadawg excellent answer!

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    To beat the duplicate content penalty you all are talking about, you could also just spin using something like TheBestSpinner. It has an API that many tools support integration with. There are also other spinners out there...

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    I am again getting into setting up autoblogs that pull from amazon and clickbank.
    Thus far, doing good at this.

    Now, only those webmasters who rely only on google for traffic worry and obsess about duplicate content.
    And if you depend only on google, you are a fool.

    Most webmasters believe it or not do not worry about duplicate content.
    For they drive traffic to their sites using many sources and they do not bother with google.

    Would you rather spend $100 and get 5000 real visitors to your blog who stick around and actually make you money?
    Or spend that $100 on seo or whatever it takes to get 10 visitors from google who could care less about your blog?

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