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Thread: How to get more Facebook Likes

  1. And that's why the likes are a better paradigm than links. It's harder to succeed by spamming, which forces everyone to get honest.

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    Facebook Ads will give you the initial traction.. Getting 1000 likes would not be that difficult if you use fb ads wisely. After getting the initial fans, all you need to do is to influence them so as to make them share your content with others, resulting in more likes.

    Also, what you post on fb matters a lot. It doesn't take long for people to 'unlike' a page.

    Just read this good article on using fb ads for getting 'likes', hope you find it good:

    How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 Days

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    Getting huge number of like won't come to any use. you need your targeted people and in facebook it is possible to target just those people. And instead of buying like why don't you organize and event e.g. photography contest and to vote for it people would need to like your page. Automatically the guys who participated in the context will bring the friends to your page. it's just an example you can use other method too.

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    Truely I don't wanna to buy; rather I will give my concern that people will like it for its features and then the actual marketing will be effective.

  5. A lot changed in October, Buying likes is almost impossible now just like making another account. They ask you phone number for example and then they ad everything to your personal page. I'm expecting a lot more changes, it looks like Facebooks Panda update

  6. Thanks for the update, merlynridinger. Looks like the best bet now is to put your money into Facebook ads and then get people to "like" your page that way.
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    The latest Panda updates in October 2011 have hit the IM industry hard. I guess that Facebook got a recent surge in likes and decided to respond to keep the value of likes kosher.

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    try addmefast dot com...its the best social exchange.....

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    You are targeting particular class of people whom you see as your potential customers and think they bring business to you. So focus on them and reach out them with the marketing strategy that keeps them engaged and interested. Get the hold of them. That would certainly help you!!!

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    Interaction. Add the widget displaying conversations from your page to your website. Just a FB button is not going to do well. People need to see "people like them" conversing about their area of interest and they will want to participate.
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