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Thread: What is best software to develop a website ?

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    I think dreamweaver is best ,next frontpage

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    If you start a web design and want to drag some of the types and applications, then you can like in Adobe Dream weaver. It is often the primary programmer / web designer, because it uses a basic, simple, to make use of the interface. However, this is not free. If you want a free and / or open source alternatives, such as NVU you have a lot of options, which is a similar drag and drop web designer.

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    If you are just starting web style and would like some form of a drag-and-drop program, then you may like Adobe Dreamweaver. It is widely used by starter programmers/web developers due to it's simply, simple to use program. It is, though, not no cost. If you would like a no cost and/or no cost substitute you have many alternatives, such as NVU, which is a identical drag-and-drop web developer..

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    According to me you can easily search on google, bing, yahoo and other search engine.All search engine are provide appropriate result to you.

  5. for me its dreamweraver. this is the best and easy tool for developing a good website.

  6. According to my views micro media Dreamweaver is the best software for website develop.

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    I'm a Windows user, so for Web Development rather than design I go with:
    NetBeans in conjunction with a WAMP setup plus XDebug, and FireBug.

    Or for ASP.NET sites check out Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

    Kind of tired of people plugging Dreamweaver which is expensive if you want to legally create commercial sites, and I don't expect it would be that great for debugging dynamic code. The tools I mentioned are free.

  8. As a beginner you can try your skills on notepad and then gradually change your platform to Dreamweaver as it going to help you a lot.

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    I have to say, I'm a little surprised at all the recommendations for Dreamweaver. At least a couple of you said you don't use the design mode. I did... once... it's a mistake I'll never repeat. Left such a sour taste in my mouth that I've never bothered with it again.

    Personally, for someone starting out, I think WordPress is the easiest to use, as its CMS capabilities are able to handle several hundred pages easily, even in an ecommerce configuration. Odds are, a beginner isn't going to become the next JC Penney right away... if that happens, by then you'll have either learned to do it yourself, or you'll be able to afford hiring it done.

    WordPress is a good learning tool, as well, for those that are still learning HTML and PHP. Stay out of the WYSIWYG editor, and you'll learn a lot faster.

    Ultimately, you should find yourself in Notepad++, with no need of anything but a viewport. How fast that will happen will depend upon you.
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    Nobody should use the standard Windows Notepad for web development since it only handles one page at a time, and there is no awareness by the software for what kind of code you are keying in (so no chance to spot syntax mistakes). Notepad++ is the superior alternative.

    If you are coding in PHP, it is ok to only view the output in a browser window, and use Notepad++. But it is a lot more convenient to be able to step through your code line by line, not have to upload the files to the web after each change, and observe what is happening at each step with an IDE like I described above.

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