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Thread: PageRank

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    I am number one on the pagerank but i doesn't take any long.I believe Alexa is more important also mine is 3000 something

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    [quote name='Fergal' date='27 February 2010 - 08:31 PM' timestamp='1267302680' post='9914']

    I feel that many website and forum owners, pay too much attention to PR. The most important factor in the success of your site is the quality of your content and the service you provide to your members.


    Actually I think that PR is st very important,even vital with any coorporation.

    One new coorporation can take a long time to find out a stay in competitive market.And if they wait for their reputation will be raised by quality of their content and service,there will be many companys will seize opportunities from PR advantages bring about.

    Generally,should be harmony among PR and website content building

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    I don't think pageranks are too important . It's the content and the look that would attract users .

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    Its a little overrated, but you can't complain about having a PR8 domain, can't you?

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    PR is abit overrated but it still important. It is showing how important your site and PR also helps in SERP

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    Question Is PR a trap for webmasters?

    Just thinking and analyzing about Page Rank. Isn't it a trap for webmasters?

    I had tried to explain about Page Rank to some of my customers, friends and other personally known persons and they don't know about PR.

    After I explain them, they get the idea, but 99% of them don't know what it is for.

    And I see every webmaster worried about PR when buying and selling links (including myself)

    Is it really PR worth to keep us concentrated end entertained on its metrics?
    What is your thought?

  7. google probably is even confuse whats its use for if its not the basis for being an authority site.

  8. I posted a similar thread some time back... I am finding it hard to get external advertisers only because of this PR...the PR of my job site is 0 though alexa rank is 456592

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    I see it as one of the many parameters that can help ranking.I barely look after it.

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    Yet you would give one of your kidney for a Pr9 backlink.

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