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Thread: Do you have a FB biz page members can "Like"?

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    Sure, I'll let her know.

    Thank you guys!

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    I can learn a lot about how to make a sticky blog from MotorWard - thanks for posting the link Shenron.

    Now I'm working on a blog that could be popular with the masses, so when I get the FB page looking good, I will post it here.

    I have many female FB friends so don't want to offend them by liking certain kinds of sites unfortunately. And my FB friends are not so geeky like me so it's difficult to like many sites to FB in my interest areas.

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    Great initiative.

    I don't have a personal FB......but we are going to make a page for my wife's business.

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    Hi guys! New here, but I will be posting! Saw this and couldn't pass up the opportunity to get my pages on here. I have two: Crystal's Cockatiels | Facebook This one is my passion and hobby.

    This one is my business, and also a passion of mine.

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    Got em. Cool cockatiels.
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    Missed this thread previously. and are mine
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  7. I have a biz profile at fb, but I don't use it much. Still getting a ton of spam requests through it though.

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    For my Parking Games Facebook site Parking Games | Facebook I need a few likes.

    Thanks everybody!

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    Habaku - done.

    Michael - what you have there has no "like" button. Appears to be a personal page.
    -- Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. --

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    All have been liked I have a few pages and can't decide which one to post here So I will wait till I decide

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