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Thread: how to check my content is index by google ?

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    Yes I got that. And as I replied, titles with something other than "Obama death" would likely do well since a celebrity's death often triggers Googlers to search for all sorts of other material related to the person's history.
    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    I think what IowaDawg is talking about is a focus on long-tail keywords, rather than the keywords that everyone else will focus on. It would be very difficult to rank well for the same search phrase that hundreds of thousands of web sites would focus on.
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    Really he is look like Obama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chikanbarn View Post
    Really he is look like Obama.
    Do not try this at home and walk in front of a bus with an Obama mask on.

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    You can manually check that your content is indexed in Google

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