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Thread: PHP Autoresponder Script

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    I'm in the "Not everyone has technical skills or is looking to test new software" category mentioned above. If TD is right about it having use as a wordpress plugin I might could use it... but for me you have to use small words and type really slow when explaining. That doesnt make me less than thankful when you post something free... I hope others here have an opportunity to utilize.
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    I started testing it yesterday. If you install the entire system, it is essentially a WordPress plugin. The plugin adds the opt in form as a widget. The autoresponder part is installed in a separate directory. At this point it looks like the autoresponder scripts must be installed on the same domain as the opt in form.

    My ISP went down most of the day yesterday, so I could not finish the testing. That might get done today.

    There are some gray areas in the instructions. Andy, I will send you a list of recommendations when I finish the testing.
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    I would like to make it easy for WordPress users to use it (without it becoming a WordPress GPL plugin). Kind of like including jQuery in WordPress. Looking forward to feedback.

    I think that web designers that know PHP could integrate it into their website designs easily enough though given my example code for the needed user-interface web pages (subscribe, confirm, unsubscribe etc.).

    Actually, Google has not indexed my new blog content yet, so when that gets picked up, I hope to see more traffic to the site.

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    .list readable :caugh:

    deny from all

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    .list readable :caugh:
    Thanks for pointing this out. At the moment, my Apache 2 web server is not working for blocking access of web browsers to supposedly hidden files. And, I am stuck for ideas for how to solve the problem.

    In the httpd.conf file, even the standard code doesn't block access to the .htaccess file in a web browser:
    <Files "^\.ht*">
        Order allow,deny
        Deny from all
        Satisfy All
    I added an extra line to .htaccess that seems to work for hidden files in directories:

    RewriteRule /\..+$ /no.php [L]
    This code will redirect any file paths ending in slash + dot + any characters to no.php which may in turn give a 404 error.
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    The following code in the server httpd.conf file blocks access to any "dot" hidden files:

    <Files ~ "^\.*">
        Order allow,deny
        Deny from all
        Satisfy All
    But your web server may not be set up like this, so a .htaccess file is required in directories that need web browser access blocked.

    So, I added .htaccess files containing the following code in the data and emails directories:

    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    So hopefully this fix works for anyone that has downloaded and installed the code. My apologies to anyone whose email may have been exposed on my server.

    Of course, the download of the script now contains this fix.

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    I wrote a much-needed user guide PDF document. I emailed all the current users the download link. And new subscribers will get access to it.

    Enjoy implementing your own autoresponder solution and saving $10+ monthly fees.

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    It has always worked for me, but I integrated a more user-friendly version into Otaku CMS where you can administer your list and Autoresponder emails from the Dashboard (but avoid using IE11 for now).


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    FYI - The confirmation email for your blog subscription and autoresponder download got snagged by hotmail as being spam. (I've whitelisted your domain name for any future emails.) I'll try to give you some feedback on the autoresponder in the next few days.

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