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Thread: The Rules of Link Building

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    Facebook is out for me.
    Now twitter?
    That is becoming a goldmine for me.
    I have followers that have 25k to 100k followers.
    One retweet from these people?
    Oh, that is great!

    Then there are the blogs/sites that link back to my blogs.
    Just because.

    Again, I do not rely on google for anything.
    So any visitors google sends me is icing on the cake.

    Been there, done that, with having too many blogs/sites to take care of.
    Why I am happy with my two blogs.

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    Yes the right retweet can bring lots of traffic, but not always. I was so happy when actor Ed Begley, Jr. with verified account and 28.2K followers gave my TV site a retweet.

    Guess how many of the 28.2k clicked that link? Are you ready 12 people. I tracked it using bitly for tracking.

    Yet I have had people with only 800 followers give a retweet and 68 people show up.

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    Things don't really change. If you are interested in the content, you will try to find out more about that autho and his site. there is no way to force the issue: Go for great content, and feel lucky if you get the link.

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