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Thread: Is this True First Amendment???

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    FDR did pass things that I do not like. What I don't understand is when the republicans had control why did they not get rid of some of the crap that FDR passed?

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    The Democrats had full control of the Congress and Senate during FDR's years in office. People voted for the guy with the New Deal who offered to give them the most.

    73rd United States Congress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    74th United States Congress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    75th United States Congress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    FDR never did anything that improved the economy. As with Obama, who is also trying to impose socialist Keynesian Economics, the economy got worse after he put his economic policy in place. But he successfully created class warfare, which allowed FDR to increase the top marginal tax rate on wealthy people until it hit 94% in 1944. Does this sound familiar? Several Democrats have proposed going back to these rates.

    FDR was taking all the money away from the wealthy people who normally create jobs so that he could create government jobs through the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). This further solidified public support as FDR became more of a benevolent dictator than a US president. His wife, Elenore, actually referred to him as a benevolent dictator. This same scheme worked for Johnson. Black voters had always traditionally voted Republican, including Martin Luther King, who was a staunch Republican. After Johnson poured billions of dollars into the ghettos with his War on Poverty, the black vote shifted to the Democrats. The Dems successfully bought the black vote with taxpayer dollars, much as FDR did with money taken from the wealthy. Although the War on Poverty has cost taxpayers several trillion dollars, the percentage of people living in poverty has never decreased.

    The top marginal rate was gradually reduced by Republicans over the years, but it was still 70% when Reagan took office. He pushed to get it dropped to a reasonable level and the economy grew again.

    If you want to learn how politicians are able to manipulate the system and trash the Constitution, study FDR. These guys can and do get away with much more than we are told they can get away with. FDR is the greatest hero of the Democrats, which is why it is dangerous every time they get full control of the White House, Congress and Senate.
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