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Thread: Free URL Shortening Script

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    Attached is the Hit Tracker mod. It's just a simple little form page that will allow a user to enter in their tag or link slug (the part at the end of the shortened url) and will tell them how many hits that specific link has received.

    To view an example go to Hit Tracker - urlXP and enter mrbill in the box to see it's functionality.

    Install :

    If you're using the default script it should be just a 'drag and drop' install.

    Just upload hits.php and then add a link to it on your index page and you should be good to go.

    If you've modified the script in anyway, you'll probably need to edit in your modifications of course
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    Thanks may try this for next project

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    thanks you dtkguy for updates. i will going to start one site on this niche soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ebizlaunch View Post
    That's quite nice.

    Btw, any way to add subdomain functionality - like this site (

    I vote for the subdomain feature, hope will be released soon with frame on the new page/subdomain created.

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    Thanks a lot for the wonderful script Mr.Bill

  6. i signed up just to download this

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    I signed up just to download this also, hope there will be updates of sorts in the future .

    what do I put in the Host section? like my FTP, or what?
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  8. Wow, Mr. Bill this script extremely cool. There are many URL shortener scripts out there but they lack good design. This one is awesome

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    dtkguy do you recall if the holding page was ever made for this? Thought it was but I can't find anything about it. Maybe was a dream but I thought you had showed to me once on urlxp. If not then I know what my next addition for project will be

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    I hope that you'll one day add ReCaptcha to the script - then I will use it.

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