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Thread: what is The Best Internet Browser

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    I use Chrome. But overall i like chrome and firefox

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    mozilla firefox is the best and proved browser for you.Check it here Firefox 16 vs Chrome 22 vs Internet Explorer 10

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    Now is Chrome!
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    There is growing suspicion and evidence that Google may be using Chrome as a supplemental bot to gather information about users' web habits. In other words, they may be spying on your activities without your knowledge whenever you use Chrome.

    Given all of the other privacy violations that we have seen Google engage in, that scenario is a clear possibility. Big Brother is watching.

    Is Google Chrome also Googlebot?

    GoogleBot Is Actually Chrome?

    GoogleBot is actually Chrome: The Jig is Up!

    I only use Chrome when using Google tools like AdWords because their web pages run better in Chrome.
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    Google Chrome has the best security and has sync options for mobile devices. Also, there is a built in RSS reader.

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    I am using mozilla since 2007 it has no match at all.

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    I use IE and FF, google chrome can go to hell.
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    As software Chrome is a good tool. Of course trusting Google not to misuse the window it gives them into our activities is not even questionable, you can pretty well assume they will sell you out.
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    Google's latest trick is that if you have a Google+ account, they are going to let anyone with a Google account contact you via email. By the way, if you have any type of Google account, Google has already set up a Google+ account for you, even if you do not know it.

    Google will soon let any Google+ user land in your Gmail inbox - Digits - WSJ

    At one time Google was a good company, but ever since they changed their hiring policy, they have gone nowhere but downhill. For those not aware of the current hiring policy, only 1 out of every 600 applicants gets hired. They must be fresh out of college, preferably with no work experience. Google doesn't want any real world experience to influence the Google indoctrination and brainwashing sessions. In other words, they do not want anyone who has managed to develop common sense and an understanding of people and business. I am beginning to wonder if they issue new-hires jack boots and teach them how to do goose-step marching.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    But at least google sent me an email saying,,,,how come you have not taken advantage of your new google+ account yet?
    Just use your regular user and pass to enter into a new world.
    So, never using any google products (i use mostly bing to search, as it is my default), I have an gmail account, a google+ account, a webmaster account, and maybe a few more if I ever went in and checked.

    Now back to browers.
    It seems that it just depends on what you use to access the internet (pc, tablet, phone (and what kind of phone)).
    And what you are used to using.
    I see my blog stats and see browsers some days leading over chrome, ff, and ie.

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