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Thread: Proxy Management Scripts

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    Then you can upload a cache folder to each of the domains like normal and dont symlink it. that will keep each one separate.

    I use a custom cURL script so I am not familiar with all the proxy scripts out there.

    Though I am curious why would you want them to have separate cache folders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Bill View Post
    Will try to give a basic explanation

    In you root folder of the server ( where you would see all the folders for the individual sites) create a folder called common or whatever you like

    upload you proxy script to the common folder.

    Now you need to use a program like putty

    login into your server using putty

    for the ease of of this expaination I will use

    example1 =
    example2 =

    once logged into your server using putty cd to the folder you want the symlinks ( the public_html you would have put the script normally)

    cd /home/example1/public_html

    just put your folder name in place of the example1

    now I dont know what files and folders you have in your certain script but you would use some thing like this in putty

    ln -s /home/common/index.php index.php
    ln -s /home/common/player player
    ln -s /home/common/themes themes
    ln -s /home/common/config config
    ln -s /home/common/cache cache

    replace the common with whatever name you made the folder in the beginning of this. Now my application uses a index.php/player folder/themes folder/config folder/cache folder

    after you run those lines you will see what look like folders in the folder you cd to now if you type in your web browser your site should load like normal.

    then to do another domain you will need to cd to that folder with putty

    cd /home/example2/public_html

    and then run the same lines again

    ln -s /home/common/index.php index.php
    ln -s /home/common/player player
    ln -s /home/common/themes themes
    ln -s /home/common/config config
    ln -s /home/common/cache cache

    repeat tell you have done all your sites. Now they all use one script.

    If this isnt clear enough let me know I can try to explain it better
    How are you able to change the config file for each site, if you are to be calling on the same one from the same folder each time?

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    Even i am looking for something for GLYPe

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    When will Glype Manager be available for Glype 1.0?
    Might buy it...

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Another good idea is to just put together a few scripts.

    addaccount <domain> on my server and it asks for template and adds the dns/apache config/copies files/htaccess/and mods the configs for the appropriate information.

    from there find, sed, and awk are used to do mass management and/or changes.

    Just some simple scripting and shell knowledge can get you a long ways.

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    Too bad that Glype Manager has been discontinued.
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    Quote Originally Posted by proxywhereabouts View Post
    Too bad that Glype Manager has been discontinued.
    Well, once everything is sorted out for Glype 1.* it is possible again

    Might start using it than, but probably I have everything sold again already xD

    |Nico Lawsons

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