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Thread: Twitter Sucks

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    I like finding news, etc on it. I get the odd article from my bball site re-tweeted that has == some traffic so figured I'll keep broadcasting blog posts on it since that's traffic I wouldn't have had.

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    Yeah twitter is a good concept which went wrong

  3. Facebook's "What's on your mind?" feature seems to encompass the entirety of Twitter's functionality.

    I will laugh until I pass out if Twitter disappears beneath the waves before it grosses dollar one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Facebook's "What's on your mind?" feature seems to encompass the entirety of Twitter's functionality.

    I will laugh until I pass out if Twitter disappears beneath the waves before it grosses dollar one.
    Those are precisely my thoughts. Who on earth would keep up with Twitter, Facebook, and everything else? Not just for business purposes, but just for friends? Really? If all your friends are already in one place, not too many people will make the effort to go somewhere else that offers the same thing.

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    Facebook, Hi5, Linkedin, Myspace, Twitter... come on, are these really worth 5 minutes of your time?

    I mean, if you can make from those then great, else I don't see why I'd use them to a higher level than register - login - forget

  6. I don't think twitter sucks, even though I barely use it (albeit I have a few dozen followers). It has become a very valuable yet simple tool for activists around the world the latest example being the ongoing Iranian revolution. Facebook may have the same feature incorporated, but it's far too bulky compared to twitter and unlike twitter I think facebook profiles generally aren't public.

    That said, I'm probably gonna try twitter in relation to my new site, but the idea is to just be as natural as I can about it. I think a lot of people make the mistake of treating twitter as just another advertising method when in fact it is a way for people to communicate and stay in touch socially in a quick and simple way. So I think you really got to get into it naturally, be yourself, update people on your new discoveries regarding your true interests and then pay attention to responses (if any) and engage with them.

    But if you just treat it as a yet another advertising tool, sooner or later you'll probably fail. They'll got onto you as a spammer and that'll be it. :P

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    Quite frankly, I do not see the fascination nor the value with Twitter. Unless you are a celebrity with a lot of followers, or you have some specific niche that works for your, Twitter is just a toy.

    Based upon statistics, the majority of people agree with me. More than 60% of the people who open a Twitter account abandon it within 30 days.

    Nonetheless, I recently bought two new books about Twitter so that I can figure out if there is anything that I can use with my marketing projects.
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    I am new at twitter. I really don't have anything to complain about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    It's not?
    It is buddy, while using twitter for past 6-7 months I could rarely found some good users..even they are using twitter as a spammers paradise..The concept of twitter has gone out of hands...nothing can bring it back..
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    I think I'm going to be a mood killer, because I agree with farrhad and I feel like remarking on a few things you guys said, on behalf of twitter.

    "Twitter is just a spammer tool"

    Well...yes and no. Some people (myself included) enjoy interacting on twitter with others and sharing useful links, ideas, etc. Other people spam. Luckily, twitter has the "unfollow" option and even a block option so you don't ever have to interact with these people.

    I know a lot of valuable people on twitter. Designers, writers, friends, who don't tweet links every 5 seconds, and the links they do tweet are great. I suggest getting tweetdeck if you want to see a better side of twitter.

    "I just tweet and don't read other tweets"

    Twitter is supposed to be interactive. You can @reply and DM people, and if used correctly, these features are essential. Interacting with people will get you more followers and help you make connections. I've found a lot of great websites from twitter, and promoted my own the right way.

    "Twitter is the new DP"

    I assume you mean the random bannings? Well, the twitter admins hate spam too. A lot of robots use twitter to randomly tweet affiliate links, scam offers, etc. In response, twitter bans and deletes suspicious accounts: i.e. accounts that follow a ton of people but don't tweet or have a lot of followers, or accounts that unfollow a lot of people, etc. etc.

    "Facebook does it better"

    Facebook added "what's on your mind" after twitter was created. Before it was just a status update. Plus, I really hate how facebook tried to emulate twitter. Both websites serve different functions, and do different things. Comparing them is like apples to asparagus, in my opinion.

    "Twitter is only useful for celebrities with 50,000 followers"

    I have only about 706 followers, but they're all cool people. Others have 10,000 followers who are just robots. It's about quality, not quantity.

    "The concept of twitter is too far gone..."

    I honestly don't think so. Every website has spam. My blog gets like 10 spam comments a day. I just weed them out and keep going. I mean, look at youtube.

    If you don't like twitter, that's chill. I'm not trying to preach about it or anything. I just think you should put the "social" part back into "social media" and give it a fair chance before knocking it.

    And get tweetdeck, because it really will make twitter more fun/helpful.

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