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Thread: On-Page Optimization

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    Please use Search before starting discussion on any topic. It will save your time

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    Enrich your Pages with Content:
    Many people want to get a high ranking for various keywords or keyword phrases, but if you look at the text on their web pages you can hardly find these vital words. This is a major misunderstanding. It is true that your main keywords and key phrases should be in your title tag and your description meta tags, and even in the keywords meta tag, but they must also appear on the page itself and they must appear in some strategic places on that page. Search Engines will not recognize that your page is truly about a Product/Service unless these words appear in headlines on the page, in the opening paragraph, in the file or domain name in link text and in the body text of your page.

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    on page seo is all about site structure, unique content, right meta tags, heading tags, image optimizations, internal links.

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    For a full list of ranking factors, I would like to recommend article "search engine ranking factors" from

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  5. yes thats true, the keywords need to be present also in the page content so the SE sees the page relevant to that particular keyword.

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    For onpage optimization it is necessary to:

    Proper and effective Title
    Efficient Meta description
    Limited Meta keywords

    Keyword in H1 tag and should be use once or twice
    Keyword and subheading in H2 tag
    Bold, italic keyword
    Comment tag
    Keyword density should not raise to 2.5%
    Text density
    Starting text with keyword
    Ending text with keyword.


  7. Good code can also be a factor for Onpage SEO,because if less code is between the top of the page and the content,the spiders dont have a hard time crawling it and that may have a impact on speed.

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    For a new site, I have the keyword in the domain name, so I don't think I need to repeat it in the file names.

    I am thinking that keeping the URLs short is more important in this case.

    My site will feature tutorials that link to the home page where there is an affiliate offer.

    So instead of I will have

    I hope that this is the best approach.

    The page titles will include the keyword text Widget Lesson 1 etc.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    So instead of I will have
    Last I tested, which was a long time ago, that didn't work well. Google didn't count keywords in the "directory" part of the "filename." (I sometimes have to remind myself that URL's aren't really just directories and filenames.)

    The best approach for SEO is
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    Will, how much damage does an additional directory, let's say the year between the domain and the title of the URL?

    e.g.: ?

    I'm asking this because my last bunch of programmers claimed they can't make it structure, although I asked them to.

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