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Thread: Directory Submissions -- Results?

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    i have summited to 1400 directories,but i don't think it is effective
    Its not about the number. Its something other like those have some PR, must be submitted in relevant category, those are dofollow links, must be cashed search engine regularly.

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    I think it really depends on WHAT directory you get into.
    A listing it DMOZ... yep, that's effective.
    A listing in unclejoesmegadirectory with 100,000 other sites... it's hard to see how that would help very much.

  3. Results From Directory Submissions

    I order directory submissions for almost all my new/established sites.
    For new sites usually the 1000 dir submissions pack.

    Now, the service providers usually send a complete report with list of sites and directories, but it's practically impossible to see how many directories the sites were actually submitted too and in how many they were listed.

    So as a measure of success of these dir submissions, so to speak, I use 4 things below.
    Please note this info is based on over 30 sites having been submitted to 1k dirs each and its relatively uniform.

    1. an unusually large number of visits on the sites during a few days that sites are actively being submitted. Usually I'd see hundreds, or even more than a thousand new unique visitors with no referrer - which are likely coming from these dir submissions. Either from the directory owners checking the sites, or from directory bots (more likely) verifying the sites and collecting info. This is the first sign that the dirs were submitted. Another one is the confirmation, notification emails.

    2. additional yahoo backlinks - a couple weeks after the submissions are completed I usually see about 50-100 more backlinks, out of these roughly 25-30 from different domains.

    3. Google listings - checking out google's new links isn't such an easy task as with yahoo, so what I usually do is make a search on some unique phrase I added in the description, or some other info that should identify the dir listings. I usually see a similar amount of new listings: 20-30 from 1k submissions.

    4. Serp movement - finally the most important measure of success not only with dir submissions, but with any seo campaign is if your sites are actually moving up in serps. I usually notice a significant increase within a week afer the submissions for both new and established sites and further improvements during the next few weeks.

    What are your usual results from dir submissions?

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    The number of email confirmations is a good gauge to judge that the submissions have been done. Though not all directories send out confirmations.

    I'm still divided on the value of directory submissions. I haven't noticed a jump in rankings after the directory submissions. Perhaps this is because I've used a few different versions of anchor text.

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    Directory submissions still work? I doubt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmi View Post
    Directory submissions still work? I doubt it.
    Links in general directories have little value in passing pagerank. Most of the link pages are supplemental with a 'grayed out' toolbar.

    I believe though that there are some changes due to the Caffeine update where substantially more pages on the web are being crawled and at a higher rate. So, links on directories and profiles now have more value in terms of passing the anchor text.

  7. I think directory submission still are good for groundwork and a base. In otherwords they may not jump you in the serps but they keep you steady.
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  8. Ranking for long tail anchor text is still working great.
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  9. Effect of web directory submission

    Is web directory submission going to help your website ranking in search engines? Definitely, it is going to effect thing more or less. if you have a competitor that having hundreds of directory listing and some are feature listing, and they are also listed in yahoo directory and dmoz directory… wow.. thats alot of SEO works they carry out to promote their website! While your website is not getting listed in any directory, and how will that be? Seem like you are not working hard enough to promote your site, or your site is not good enough for listing and feature listing in great web directory isn’t it. And so, some search engines will consider this into their SERP ranking page as well.

    Bottom-line, web directory submission will never dies, and only great website will continue to be listed and remain highly recommended in online directory site. Build your website first, they make it into directory site, that’s how things should work.

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    Directories submission works, but their main problem is that free directories links are normally very deep, so not countable to get traffic, but they do help in improving SERP.

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