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Thread: Please ban domains!

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    I wonder how much money he's making. If he keeps it up all day long that's at least a few thousand visitors looking at his ads.

    Maybe I'll try those out. If you can't beat em - join em.
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    But if everybody joins them then the exposure becomes so low because of the small time on the index page - lowering the value for everybody.

    If you don't allow domains, domains won't be submitted as often, and while you may not be getting as much (Will), the value of each link will double or more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nux View Post
    I wonder how much money he's making. If he keeps it up all day long that's at least a few thousand visitors looking at his ads.
    I don't think he's earning his fees back So I guess he's using one of the coupons he got which sucks for the people who paid for coupons It's worth trying if you have free coupons, but to be fair to the other owners I wouldn't suggest it to anybody
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    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    I will repeat myself... not is the problem directly, why pay more ? sounds silly pay more only to use .infos when you can do the same with a

    I believe the problem are the free coupons, if you remember i was the first against the big number of free coupons released. This can be the result but not is directly the cause.

    The old thread:

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    The number of free coupons are a lot lower now I'm sure. If anyone has been regularly submitting proxies, their free coupon would have been depleted by now.
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    What free coupons are you guys talkin about anyways !
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    The free coupons that were given out when tech-faq started charging $1 per submission. A lot of regular users here on netbuilders we given coupons that would allow them to submit for free until their coupon ran out.
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    Yes, these coupons were given out for testing purposes, but also as a thanks for contributing to NetBuilders. Although, afterwards it was obvious that too many coupons were given out. Since it would be stupid to take them back, we'll have to deal with it for another few months, but I'm sure once most should be done

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    Really I don't agree it's stupid. As before the coupons the submissions were free anyways.

    Now the only difference is some people have to pay $1 while some don't until their coupons run out.

    Not everything is always fair.
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