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Thread: Dreamweaver vs. Hand Coding

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    There are no major problems with DW + i am just a noob = DW for me.

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    Ohh, I'm going to have to disagree eclipse,

    Although it's fine for basic sites and things such as templates can work well.

    There are major problems with using dreamweaver, as with all wysiwigs it produces massive amounts of code compared to hand coding. Adding items to an existing app can be incredibly tough. Although compared to Visual Studio it's a compact and efficient application.

    I've run into so many problems using Dreamweaver which would never have happened in a structured hand coded site. Try using Dreamweaver in a team and you'll certainly find it's limitations quickly - no source control, impossible unusable functions and it forces you to use unrealistic file structures.

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with using Dreamweaver and it certainly depends on what your producing but it's certainly not ideal.

    As a web designer the chances are as you go through your professional life you'll be doing one of these things - start to learn your syntax as your designing and it will stand you in good stead later.

  3. I don't like working off of others code much, and I have tried DW before...hated it.

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    I agree with most people ago, hand coding is the way.

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    Anything that can help you build a site is great, but at the end, you will need to edit via text if you want it to be good. Why not start with it?
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    I started hand-coding, but it's too much effort. Plus i can design much better websites in dreamweaver, strangely.

    Maybe i need to become more experienced in hand-coding.

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    Hand Coding stand's firm for me and it will stay i think however dreamweaver is a beast and can save loads of time

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    DreamWeaver saves a lot of time.. But for final touch ups you need to do the manual way of coding

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    I do the whole thing with DW then finishing clean up is what I do by hand.

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    Hand-code first

    Someone on this thread pointed out that Dreamweaver is a timesaver. I think that's a valid point--Dreamweaver is great efficiency tool. But I wouldn't trade efficiency for effectiveness, which one learns when hand-coding. There are just too many things you can learn from plain code, and too many mistakes you can make if you use WYSIWYG without knowing how to code.

    My recommendation is to become a master hand-coder first, then occasionally use Dreamweaver or another WYSIWYG app later on (until it drives you nuts :P).

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