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Thread: We Predict Future Google PR With 95% Accuracy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    It is a great tool. Highly recommended.
    Bring home good results!
    Thanks for sharing your positive opinion! I'm very happy to read that you like it

  2. Quote Originally Posted by dvduval View Post
    Does the tool work with popular sites that have hundreds of thousands of backlinks?
    Yes, it does work with them also. Currently we're unable to find hundreds of thousands of backlinks for free since it requires a lot of resources, but we already have the technology allowing us to do that. And we will do that either if someone wants to pay for such reports or later for free when we have enough free resources.

    However, even now our Backlink Checker often gets lucky to harvest more than 1,000 backlinks. Use it for multiple sites and you'll see.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by deluxdon View Post
    Is that really true ? I thought that all pr prediction tools are just for fun.


    You're right. MOST of such tools are just for fun. But our Backlink Checker really predicts future Google PR for any web page with 95% accuracy. Note: it only predicts future PR with 95% accuracy when a site has LESS than 1,000 backlinks. If the site has more than 1,000 backlinks, then accuracy is lower. The more links a site has, the less is the accuracy.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by noone View Post
    I got a blog with 24 backlinks. It has gone through 2 PR updates and maintains its current PR of 3.

    I don't believe backlinks as basis is good enough.
    Do you want to say that Google PR does NOT depend on backlinks only? Yes, that's true, it also depends on the number of outbound links on a web page which is linking to your site.

    We studied Google PR Formula very well and developed an algorithm which is absolutely same to Google PR. Our Backlink Checker already proven its high accuracy on a huge number of checked websites. Our tool already checked hundreds of thousands of sites, and for 95% of them it predicted the PR correctly.

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    For me, its working 'right'. Great tool.

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    looks likea highly recomended tool. will give it a shot

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    It predicted pr 5 for my site. I am continuing with backlinking.

    Current PR is 2.

    So lets see what will happend. However sulumits has 20k backlinks with bunch of them of low quality so that lower the chances that pr prediction will be correct .

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    Well honestly I am not an expert in this field (SEO), but this tool seems to good, it has projected PR 2 for my forum offwalk, the same can be confirm in next updates.


  9. I am not satisfied with report given by this tool . I think Prediction of Google page rank given by this tool is just wrong .

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    Quote Originally Posted by badmash View Post
    I am not satisfied with report given by this tool . I think Prediction of Google page rank given by this tool is just wrong .
    How you are so sure about that Clarify please ??


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