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Thread: General Proxy Discussion Chat Topic

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    Martinique, FWI
    Thanks for your answer.

    I have read that VPS from are better for proxies.
    What do you think about using VPS for proxies ?

    I will start a diary too for peoples who want to start a network without a lot of investissement. With all I have read and experimented, I think 30-50$ is a good budget to start a network and make money fast.

  2. nice stuff you got going here

    you do know you risk losing your adsense account cause of this line on your yahoo group:

    As a thanks leave a click on an advertisement from one of the proxies The owners will respect you than!

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    Yep, WDServers is great for VPS, but I'm still at TMZ for some months (pre-paid) so I'm staying there till it's done, normally everything should stay fine, if not I can move to there

    @epidemic, thanks for managing that! that's still from the old admin who added there.. but I removed it now..


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    I just started with proxies this year and so far it has been going great. Since Im still new I use TechEnterance for my hosting not till I get a hundred more proxies I would be getting vps hosting. Some of the things I learned is not to use glype 1.0 yet for the popunders do not work properly and for the past 2 weeks i have been using adbrite for this reason. I got 26,238 views and 1 click and made 31 cents! So i moved to glype .5 and used hooqy for the popunders and got 10,000+ pageview and made 4.17 in 1 day in a half as compared to lame adbright. My adsence has made me 17.99 and my earning have paid my hosting and my domains.(only used 25% of my bandwidth with the $14.95 hosting pack) I still have a long way to go but i can tell there is money to be made in proxy still.

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    Nice thread, hopefully you will keep it active. I don't have a proxy site but I always find myself interested in setting up one. Looking forward to hearing about your progress and achievements in proxy field.
    Need some time to handle deferred joining date by three big IT companies.

    If your work is still pending, I'll soon get in touch.

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    16 Januari 2009 - Day 3
    We're at day 3 and currently my new method of monetization didn't help... but I won't give up! I just need to find the right people

    Ofcourse if this doesn't work, than that's a new thing I have as experience...
    And this is one of the most important things when doing proxies, you need to test things out and I remember them if they worked or not... If they work than you need to use them further!
    - If you only get $25,- per month with it, than it's better you keep them too.. if it doesn't take too much space on your proxy why not?
    - If it only makes you $5,- per month than you would better remove it (I'm talking about networks here, single proxies who make $5,- in one month through something you better keep.

    I'm also starting to understand proxy users don't really bother if your proxy needs money or not, ChipIn just doesn't work for proxy business... so forget about that site (You may always try it though..)
    There isn't much to tell more about my project going on...

    Ow maybe this can help too.. this is one of my proxies: http://akert.infoThis gets mee more traffic to ProxPoint and a lot of returning visitors...
    you see the title consists the proxy URL and the 'ProxPoint' you see (since I get good traffic every day, stats are REAL) I get good amount of traffic every day.. which (I'm sure) will help to get me more members in my own Yahoo Group...
    People who advertise in my Yahoo Group (Like Will ) get free traffic now, but soon when I will restart selling paid links in my mails, I can ask some more money, because of the ProxPoint website...

    This is it for now.. at the moment I am writing some proxy tips for NetBuilders which I will probably post here too so everybody can see it...

    - Bye Diary, will write you again soon

    P.s. Thanks to BromptonWeb (?) for the idea from ProxPoint, as I got the idea because of his site (?) Prox-Daily

    Nico Lawsons (Aquarezz)

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    Ahhhh, 2000 Subscribers in one day? I call BS on that one.

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    I don't think that's what aquarezz mean... I think he noticed that day he has 2.000 subscribers in his yahoo groups, not 2000 new subscribers that day.

    Congratz to you aquarezz...

    Adding this thread to my subscription list...
    Quote Originally Posted by z613 View Post
    Ahhhh, 2000 Subscribers in one day? I call BS on that one.

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    Yeah, I have over 2000 subscribers now, not in 1 day
    In fact I have 2097 atm


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