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Thread: Chain Threads should not be allowed anymore !

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    Let the threads stay since people enjoy posting in them, it's also a form of contribution to the forum IMO.

  2. You can keep working every time . Webmaster also have some rights for entertainment and we enjoy with other users by taking part in such stupid but cool threads . Entertainment sections always helps users to stay more longer online and they don't have to visit other social networks for games and discussions .

    You can stop such things .

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    I can't agree more on your opinion digital -- Things are becoming out of hand, it's better to stop it now than when it's too late
    |Nico Lawsons

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Menard View Post
    The problem yet arises with that of defining what is and is not a useful thread without devolving into nazi moderating.

    If people are enjoying and participating in a thread...well...why should it be removed?
    You are right buddy . If others are enjoying then let them do what they want . They are not using any bad words in thread which is creating any problem to you .

    Second - Digital @ I don't think that any one of us can stay active whole day with webmaster topic . Yes we are here to make money but first we need happiness in life . We cant spend whole day by reading and posting market place items and web topics .

    Do one thing that close these general topics for few days and see how many active member we can find whole day .

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    It's not only that they go too fast, it's because tons of people are just posting, posting and posting without leaving a few others. There should be a rule that you can only post once a day in a chain thread.

    If you don't believe me, check this out:
    |Nico Lawsons

  6. I don't know what to say but I am not so fast . Lets wait and watch what mods say about this topic .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandeepdude View Post
    Instead, of removing such threads,is there any way to make such that posts made in the general section will not be counted?
    These threads are accepted and probably won't ever the banned or forbidden.
    The General Chat doesn't award any $NB's, so we're not actually worried with people posting there to increase their post count.

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    kk.. so, it means you are allowing everyone to spam !

    Fine ! Forgot the quality thing !

    - Digital -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    kk.. so, it means you are allowing everyone to spam !

    Fine ! Forgot the quality thing !

    - Digital -
    I don't see those as spam, those are "legit" threads, even though I never take part in them (1 or 2 exceptions might apply, sometimes for administrative purposes).

    Every forum as a General Chat section, NB is a free forum where people hardly ever get bugged for doing whatever. (exceptions apply when it's OBVIOUS spam with whatever intentions)

    As for the quality thing... well, who started most of those threads?

    Let's keep it running for now.

    **Thread Reopened as I don't see a valid reason for it to be closed.**
    Last edited by Shenron; 28 August, 2009 at 09:11 AM.

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    So far the posts at these kind of threads by the members are always with in the frame work of NB (all most all the posing members are maintained that, except some time little fun or jokes kind of pinch of salt)

    I think NB should provide the members what they want.

    The choice of posting at these kind of threads always lies with the members weather they want to post there or not.

    IMO these kind of threads may not be allowed at other forums the reason they may not have the control over their members or not possible to manage them. Here at NB Admin has good control of total forums.

    My one liner for good forum would be 'Learning & Earning with Fun'


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