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Thread: How do YOU make money? You could be featured!

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    Hello, all. (Yes, I am reviving a post from 2009)

    I have not conducted any interviews in some time - the last being here:

    Since then, I've been studying interview techniques, new ways of formatting the posts, etc.

    I am once again ready to re-open my offer: Do you make money online? Here is your opportunity to be interviewed! I'd like to ask questions about what you do, how you started, how your money making endeavor(s) have developed, expanded, or even failed. Essentially, the focus of the interview is to help other people learn from what you've done and to help them get a better grasp on how they, too, can make money online.

    Are you interested in being interviewed? If so, please PM me or reply here.
    Together, we can help people achieve their goals and make their dreams into realities.

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    Hey, Kovich!

    Thought I'd pop in and let you know that this thread did get me off dead center a couple of years ago. I still don't monetize my sites, but I did decide to stop being just a blogger and start running a business.

    After running my own business management consultancy for several years, I (and the wife) got tired of me spending 6 months + on the road every year. So I took the plunge, and "retired" early.
    Naturally, the day after I did that, the economy devoured our life savings, and I realized I either had to go back to work or live a lot fewer years than planned.

    So I decided that instead of going back on the road, I'd try taking advantage of my publishing background and transition it to an online business. That meant I had to learn a good bit about SEO, coding and internet marketing.

    I was already hanging around SEO and marketing forums quite a bit when I joined NetBuilders, and was just starting to learn more than very basic HTML. Reading some of the success stories in this thread got me thinking about doing something serious online, and in Sept. of 2010, I bought a domain name, built a WordPress site, and dug in.

    That business slowly built up until about a year later, I was having to turn down business because I was working 7 days per week, 16 hrs per day. I decided to take on a partner, and by November, we had made enough progress that we were BOTH working 7 days per week, 16 hrs per day. Not the sort of progress I had in mind.

    About that time, we decided to expand both our staff and our offering, and we founded a new agency together, with twelve other writers to carry some of the load. That business continues to flourish, and aside from my fantastic partner and some really great clients, I also owe YOU my thanks for helping me get focused.

    To the others out there that haven't yet gotten off their cans, I'd say... if THIS old phart can do it, so can YOU.

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    Been fun to watch you take the bull by the horns Doc. You've done a helluva job in a short time. Heck, I wanna be like you when I grow up.
    -- Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. --

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    Growing up is highly over-rated, bud. I gave passin' thought to tryin' it once, but just couldn't seem to get my head wrapped around it.

    Maybe the next time around.

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    I make money with ad networks such as adsense, cj, reachjunction. I monrtize my site with them. Online ads give me dollars.

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    I'm trying to revive my sites that made money in the past. Affiliate program offers that used to work, stopped working or the company behind them went out of business. Or the traffic was drastically reduced due to competing sites in the same niche.

    One approach that I'm taking is to write fresh content that is much more detailed than what I did in the past, like today I created a new web page with over 1100 words. In the past, everybody was doing say 300 words, so I think we need to write far more words of unique content per article/post/page etc.

    One good page can generate a lot of revenue if you get it right, so I think it's worth the extra up-front effort.

    And I think the key to success is to try and be better than your competitors. For example, if you write a how-to guide, it must be better than anything else online to attract natural links and recommendations.

    So if you do a credit card review, test the flexibility of the card, measure the corner radius, tabulate and compare data, create a video of the hologram effects, test how easy it is to erase the magnetic strip, critique the graphical design, and write the equivalent of an ebook for every card that you review.

  7. I make money with blogger.

  8. There are many ways to earn money online like sale, ads etc this is long procedure but when we wants to earn we take some advice and research on this.

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    You can make money by promoting Click Bank products and bank coin:


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    Lol, too be honest with you:

    Nowadays in the marketing world things are changing. Less and less people are now using the web based upon security reasons. How ever the real money is on developers & programmers. If you know how to develop and program then you will make bank with freelancing sites. Also, too make money, you need to have money. Look at it this way, too get weed, you need money right? Well you can flip that current weed by reselling it and making a profit off it. Or take a pack a cigs for example. You go on the street, and when someone comes up to you asking for a cig, say its $1.00. You sell all the cigs and you have made $20.00 from that pack. Just like the marketing world online, you need to know how to make a profit, need to know what the customer wants. Look, most of today people want services.. So what services can you provide? Well, their are hosting services, domains, and other services as well.

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