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Thread: Is the Proxy Business Profitable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Szise View Post
    Better build a serious site than making 100 proxies to earn 0.25 / proxy. If you make 100 then you should promote them all if you really want to make money, if you want to promote them all and do some seo for them then how i said, better do seo for one serious site. My best advice. I made mistakes making XX sites with low, very low earnings, but we must learn from our mistakes...

    Thats exactly what I did, sure its intresting watch proxies make $8 + on the first day of going live (basically due to tech-faq toplist) and that would be on a 'good day' whenever that was lol!

    Its a fair amount of work setting them up so its down to you, is that the kind of money you want to be making?

    I know as soon as my logo design website started advertising to higher paying clients any money I made on the proxies was blown away in a few days.

  2. Having some doubts with proxies as a good source of cash now. Is there any long term guarantee that proxies will generate steady income once its live? Pardon me, but just getting more curious about earnings from proxies. Would also like to thank everyone for their opinion.

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    I sell proxies for rent. $2 each. Hit me up at my site

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    Proxies are easy money generators of small coin (few hundred a month). But you wont probably be able to live on it. And a dedicated server can easily cost a few hundred a month too. So your profit will small. The easy money can be motivating, so in the mean time while your doing it you can learn the ropes of managing a dedicated server, learning to use SSH on it etc, and learn a we programming language of you choice (usually PHP). All being paid for by proxies revenue.
    But if your already beyound that stage in your web knowledge then you may aswell be wasting your time (As I feel now because I've been doing since Novemeber 2007 and already well experinced with the free grant money from proxies. ). You should rather look into make sites that provides quality services and content.

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    I ran proxies before to make a quick buck, but when you make throw-away proxies its also expensive when you have to buy a bunch of domains. My proxies (I only own 3, but just 1 makes 90% of profit) have been up for a long time and continue to earn the equivalent of my more-expensive throw-away proxies.

    The great thing about proxies is that they are easy money, and currently I am using my proxies to completely fund my new web hosting project, so even if I am not getting that many clients I can continue to pay for the server as long as my proxies are online and still make a small profit.
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    Fairly easy to make money with them, so lazy people with little skill and motivation can make some money with proxies. (Profits are not that easy to make though).

    They are not the best way to earn money online though. Anyways, making money with proxies is easy to learn but difficult to master.

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    Well, I made a very basic proxy here and it earned me a few dollars very shortly after I set it up!

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    I know this topic is a bit old but im very instrested in seriously starting a proxy by proxy you mean a web one that has url not a IP with port one right?

    do you make your money with ads.

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    Yes, web based proxies. And money is made by ads. I'd say I'm mildly successful in proxies and I'm and still making high $xxx reoccurring profit per month.

    It depends what you consider profitable. I think it's fun.

    For me it's just money to support my online hobbies - which I hope some day will overtake my day job.
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    i quess i should really be making another thread about this but how many gig per a month would i need for my first proxy im looking to go with Hosting plans | Proxy Host for the lite plan wich is 50gb would this be engough and if i add a youtube plugin would this increse a lot more?

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