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Thread: Admin Community

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    Admin Community

    What do you all think of Admin Community (here)? What could be improved and what do you like?

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    Re: Admin Community

    I like nearly all of Admin Community tbh but the banner could do with some tweaking. It's clever with the people in a circle (stands for community) but it doesn't really stand out because it's so small.

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    Re: Admin Community

    Hmm, the banner is very hard to make stand out and it looks better with a transparent background IMO... it's not outstanding no but it does it's job.

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    Re: Admin Community

    The logo isn't so exciting, also the theme. But overall, you have the right amount of boards and you're making good progress with the activity.

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    Re: Admin Community

    I don't like those weird bar things. They're not really bars but white lines with a few links in them. :P The forums are nice and the activity is doing good.

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    Re: Admin Community

    @Dillon: The logo's difficult to make ''exciting'' with the header space. And it does it's job IMO. The theme is only temporary

    @Chatbox: I'm pretty sure you're talking about the Bar Advertisement service. It will probably look better once it's been requested. :P

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    Re: Admin Community

    [quote name="Sbfc"]@Dillon: The logo's difficult to make ''exciting'' with the header space. And it does it's job IMO. The theme is only temporary


    Maybe add a motto?

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    I really like Admin's Community. Its easy to post and such

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    Not much I can think of right now, but I think new forum icons is something that could be upgraded to new ones.

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    Forgot about this thread.

    @Dillon: We now have one

    @zschmidt32: Thanks.

    @Snowboi: We may get new icons in the future.

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