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    Advertise Hotspot

    Site Name: Advertise Hotspot

    Site Link:

    Opening Date: 15 January 2010

    Review Type:Full (Community) (Content / Community / Mix)

    Other Information: thanks in advance!

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot


    Your assessment request has been accepted. Please allow the team 72 hours to process your request, but we will do our very best to complete it before then! If you are having any problems with the expedience of your asessment then please PM Cosmic and he will attend to your assessment immediately. Thank you for choosing Admin Community!

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot

    General Appeal & Impression Scale

    My first impressions were mixed. Not including your modificatons, I actually like the skin quite a bit. The logo is really good and I like the color scheme. The problem is that it's way too cluttered. When first viewing the forum, I want to see the top of ytour forum index without scrolling down. Before you get there you have to go past the logo, a donate button, and a banner advertisement to get anywhere. Looks like the banner ad's gone on the view forum page, but still it's a bit too much. I recommend removing that donate button. NExtly, IU noticed that things are sort of jumbled around. The advertisement is not alighned straight with the menu, the sidebar should probobly go, and the affiliate buttons look terrible with their marquee.

    On a more positive note, I like aqll your forum icons, but they don't always fit with the point of the forum as well as they should. Also I am sort of turned off by the large amount of forums on the index. It's just too much. On the whole, I like the skin, but really it's a very, very, very cluttered design. You need to remove the sidebar and the donation box to ammend this, and decrease the overall amount of forums in your index.

    Score: 16/20

    Statistics & Activity Scoring

    Your stats ain't bad at all. I have seen better, but I have also seen a whole lot worse. You seem to be taking off moderately well, but one thing I have to point out is that the "users online in the last 99 hours" doesn't help me a whole lot. Can you set that to 24? Having a larger list in a much larger timescale makes it look like youre faining activity. Scrolling down your index, I can tell that some of your swections are neglected. Product promotion should probobly be merged with site promotion or other links. Basically, you have nice stats, but as you have so many sections the posts are spread thin.

    Score: 17/20

    Member Satisfaction Index

    Some of your posts were fine here. I noticed a decent bit of conversations, which was good, not just replies to the original post. You seem to have a lot of suggestions, which means that members care about your forum, but I can see little negative feedback. Pretty good job here, my only complaint is that you have a lot of topics with 0 replies. Also a lot of the posts were made by members as well as staff.

    Score: 18/20

    Staff Member Connectivity Rating

    You seem to have a lot of moderators, more than your forum really needs. Also as one feedback topic said, perhaps they should be just a little bit more professional as well. You are off to a pretty good start, but I recommend you let go of some of your uneeded staff. If they don't like it, then honestly they shouldn't be staff in the first place. There are a lot of staff on at the moment, which is good to deter spammers. One problem I noticed, though, was that there was one topic where a vIP member of all people posted a lot of spammy messages which were just ignored. Forums shouldn't be made into chatboxes, so at the very least a moderator should give a warning on the thread. Your forum is good, but you need to work on a lot of things.

    Score: 17/20

    Overall Appeal Average

    Pretty good, but your overall layout was a jumble and your just have too many forums. you have some conversations going, which is a real asset to a forum. You jsut have a few too many staff members, some low content messages which should be filtered out, and you are in need of some more unique services. As a side not, it is a very bad idea to allow members to buy off warnings in your shop. By that I mean a very, very, very bad idea. Members should not be able to bribe away their status on the forum.

    So, keep up the good work. Jsut work on the thigns I mentioned and you will be much better.

    Score: 18/20

    FINAL SCORE: 86/100

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot


    Your assessment has been completed! The cash has been deducted from your account and this review has now been archived. Thanks for using admin community! Here is your receipt:

    Admin Community Reviews:

    Review type :: Community

    Reviewer Name :: Cosmic

    Total deducted :: 0 points

    Total delay time :: Less than 12 hours.

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