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    Always Baseball

    This is a proboards forum, meant for talking about baseball.

    I just want to get a review of it, so i know what i need to improve, or change to my forum.

    Thank you

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    RE: Always Baseball

    bump please

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    Hey bud thanks for bumping this, otherwise I would have never seen it, and sorry it took 2 days just been busy.

    So as I open your site and about to review it, and give my insight on it, I wanna make something perfectly clear. All of what I am about to say is constructive criticism. Take it to the heart, I am not here to diss your site, or diss your ability to manage and run a website. I'm not here to look at how many members you have but rather how to make them.

    Anyways, I opened it up, and the first impression I have.. It needs work.. Obviously it does otherwise you wouldn't be here. This isn't a bad thing, without needing work then what is there to do? Be bored?

    Let me break it down for you on what needs work.


    So my next item is the banner. I think it needs to be worked with, and spiced up and made pretty. I like the Silhouette baseball guy, keep him. The rest not so much. Text needs work, think up a simple slogan, and add in more pictures to the banner, heck actually you may just need the silhouette man.


    I like the icons. I think the status icons (Old, new, locked,) are fine, however the league pictures are edgy and can see where it's been cut off something. I am sure they have better pictures somewhere and you can use them or something.

    Colors are alright, but I think honestly ya need to go light. Especially for it being designated to one sport and not all.. It can be a grey, white, something else.. I just think the black really doesn't go well.

    Another thing to consider before moving on:

    Get rid of Proboards. Find a free host, or something like proboards that offers the free forums, but if your site gets big, and you wish to move it to another host and with a domain prepare to pay PB some money to release you the database and what not.

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