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    Article Spinner

    This isn't really a site or a review, but anyways

    I was interested in finding an article spinner online for no particular reason, but all i could find were ones you have to pay for or ones where you have to spend ages entering syntax like {great|amazing|fantastic} which would be tedious.

    Anyway, I was bored so spent about 5-6 hours over a couple of days creating my own spinner where you just put your article in. It's not perfect by any means and the sample article is a but suspect, but i think with more vocabulary synonyms and sentence restructuring it may be quite good.

    I just put it on this temporary link at the moment (remove the space in the url below) (wonder if it would make a good site lol ) anyway open to comments.. articlespinner.php

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    Off to a good start keep working on it you might have something.

    Best of Luck with it.

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    It doesn't use {|} at all as i hate them .

    It is still a work in progress and it doesn't always make complete sense at the moment, but every time i write an article i figure out another way in which sentences and words can be restructured and add the syntax to the spinner.

    I believe with enough effort and care it can be made close to producing fully legible spun articles

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