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Thread: Assesment for Hogwarts

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    Site Name: Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

    Site Link:

    Opening Date: 28th January 2010

    Review Type: Mix)

    Other Information: Please Dont Evaluate my staff count, since I recruit staff by the number of subjects taught in our forum!

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    I will do this one. Should be done within a couple of days.

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    I will be Glad, thank you for letting me Know! so that i can keep checking for this thread....LOL

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    Your reviewer is Gabriel

    Your assessment request has been accepted by the assessment team.

    Please allow the reviewer of your website 72 hours to complete your assessment package. We will do our very best to complete it before then.

    If you are having any problems with the expedience of your assessment then please Private Message Nero and he will attend to your assessment immediately.

    Thank you for choosing the Admin Community.

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    The review is being edited!

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    Assessment Complete

    Your assessment has now been completed. The cash has been deducted from your account and this review has now been archived.

    Thanks for using admin community.

    Here is your receipt

    Admin Community Assessments.

    Review type - 'Mix'

    Reviewer Name - 'Gabriel'

    Total deducted - '0'

    Total time taken - '1-3 hours'

    Your Review:

    today, I will be review the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

    Initial Feelings Assessment

    When I first opened up the forum, the first thing that popped in my head was,

    "Wow, the theme is amazing!". The banner popped out at me, it looked amazing on the forum, the design was pretty

    nice too, the black, red and green matched the forum theme so well! Personally, if I had the time, I would go back

    and check out the forum! One thing that would make it more appealing to me is a welcome window that explains

    briefly what the forum is about, therefore, users can decide whether they want to join or not faster!

    Score: 19/20

    Content Analysis

    The posts in the forum do not go into too much detail, most posts tend to be quite short, but to the point! The forum

    isn't too active however, I would suggest advertising more and becoming an affiliate with other forums! I would also

    suggest to post more in depth posts, do not simply go straight to the point, give the users something to think about,

    this way, they can possibly learn something, and better understand your thoughts! The forum does have a fun thread

    forum, in this forum, users get engaged in fun conversations or games, however, the games do not make the

    community better. I would suggest adding more engaging topics that get users to know each other more, and make the

    community warmer, and thus better! As i continued to browse the forum, i found that many threads were locked, this

    is not something I would expect, since most of the posts can be replied to, which makes for a better community, and

    a higher post count for the forum itself! Some of the forum is, in my opinion, quite dull, the users do not engage in

    conversations well, this makes forum relationship un-important. I would suggest encouraging users to get into more

    engaging conversations, therefore, more friends are made, as a result, more users would log on daily! The forum is

    still more fun in some areas. The users talk like characters in Harry Potter movies, this is great because they match the

    forum's theme and make me get a laugh!

    Score: 19/20

    Appearance & Stylistic Insight

    The forum has a great look, and feel! The color of the boards and background match really well together, and with

    the forum's theme! The banner looks pretty nice on the black background, and matches the forum theme really nicely!

    I would only suggest one thing to the banner, make it more complex. To me, it looks just like words "The Dungeons"

    stamped onto a picture in a pretty nice font! Overall, the theme and appearance looks really nice! The theme looks very

    well but, I'm not quite sure whether it is custom or not, custom themes make forums more unique, so the admin might

    want to consider that!

    score: 19.5/20

    Attractiveness & Appeal Appraisal

    Personally, I do not like Harry Potter, so in my case, I would not join. However, I must make this review fair, and

    gladly, I will pretend like I love the series! The theme and custom images really welcomes me, it makes me want to

    register right away and start to join in the community! The names of the forums and categories are really unique, it

    is really a nice add to the forum, it also makes me want to join in and see what is going in there! The group names are

    also unique! Instead of simply putting moderator, admin, member, etc., the admin put names like professor, which

    a unique group name that matches the Harry Potter theme! Overall, the forum is very attractive to me, and would

    definitely persuade me into joining!

    Score: 19/20

    Statistical & Analytical Inspection

    The post count makes the forum sound really young! I myself would have expected atleast 3 times more than that! I

    would suggest advertising more, and adding more forums and categories, give the users a wider range of choice of

    posting! Fortunately, between the starting date of your forum, there have been events including the Olympics and

    Paralympics, Spring and March Break, Easter and I'm sure, some birthdays! All of these events interfered with the

    amount of users on per day! Unfortunately, I was not there to experience it, so that is just an inference, so I will

    have to go statistic wise, and unfortunately, your forum has not met up to my standards!

    score: 12/20

    The Summary

    Unfortunately, your forum has not met the standards of a forum opening almost 3 months ago! This forum has great

    potential, but the admins need to stay dedicated to the forum, and help it improve! I wish you the best of luck on your

    forum, and I hope to get the chance to review again after some updates have occured!

    Final Score: 88.5/100

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