Welcome to the new and improved Admin Community assessment system. We have decided to scrap the scoring system and make it entirely comment based. We have three types of assessment at the moment, Community, Appearance & Content and Pick your Six.

Here are the different types of assessments.

Community- This is a forum based review judging the quality and activeness of your community.

Service Guidelines

When using this service, please follow these rules:

  • You may only request this service every 2 weeks (per user / website).

  • We reserve the right to reject any request for any reason.

  • All rejections / reviews are subject to revision or repeal by the review team leader or any administrator of Admin Community.

  • Assessments are a privilege, not a right.

  • Do not be rude or insulting to the reviewer. Any negative feedback is to be expressed either politely in public or concernedly in private to the review team leader.

  • All reviews posted are property of admincommunity.com and subject to our usage and or removal.


 Friendliness of Staff & Members: 

 Number of Active Members 

 Staff Interaction: 

 Quality of posts: 

 Community Interest: 

 Uniqueness of the Community: 

 Final Remarks: 

Appearance & Content- This review is for both forums & websites however the amount of forums category is not applicable for websites.


 Appearance & General Appeal: 



 Amount of Forums:  

 Spelling & Grammar: 

 Uniqueness of the appearance & content: 

 Final Remarks: 

Pick your Six

If you would like a review that covers both of the aspects above, you can pick any six of the criteria above from both of the categories to get an insight into both dimensions of website administration. As well as forum owners and website owners, blog owners can also request a pick your six assessment. Picking your six does not include final remarks which are also included.

The price of all AC reviews is 50AC$.